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  1. How exactly is the ending determined? Does the game just check your LS and DS percentages and give you the appropriate ending? However, this would mean that a 51-49% unbalance would be all that is needed to get a specific ending if you're a neutral/grey Jedi. Or does it depend on your prestige class (being a Sith Marauder instead of a Jedi Weapon Master)? What if you don't pick an upgrade class at all? Or what you did to the Jedi masters? Not too sure about this one. I can't tell, as I've only played the game as extreme LS. Example: What would you get if you -Pick a LS prestige -But then do a lot of bad things, changing your alignment? KOTOR 1 had a certain pivotal point which decided the ending (heck, even Jedi Academy had that), but it doesn't seem as obvious in KOTOR 2. If you have experience with unusual LS/DS setups, I'd love to hear about it - so we can solve this. Unless of course this is already solved and everybody knows about this - (I didn't find help in the FAQs I read). Thanks.
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