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  1. I'll be sure to, thanks.

  2. Sorry for the late reply, message notifications here are ridiculously small.


    Anyhow, I think I can manage by following the pattern in the K1 changes.ini version. The models are no problem either, Deadman had made them for both games from the start.

  3. Yeah, I've noticed the facepalming in the tutorial thread. Gonna make the the installer changes now. Still gotta pack the modified utc's into modules and send them over. Not sure on the date for that however.

  4. Look in streamwaves. There are module names such as m26ac and such, with folders labeled for specific characters inside. You'll have to change wav extensions into mp3, then decompress them with Miles Sound Tools to be editable.

  5. If you're interested, I can supply more reference shots from various angles for TFU Sion since I got the game.

  6. Why yes, I made one mod for it, Lich King's eyes.

  7. Thanks thy oversized simian.

  8. You could host it on filefront.com and then post the link. As for the theft issue, as long as the mod in question has the readme that names DarthDeadman as original author, it should be fine.

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