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  1. As most of you know, Bao-Dur can't equip robes and heavy armor. This is because all of his appearance.2da entries use a personal customized entries to account for his arm. Ergo, they use the same textures as regular versions of the armors, but the model itself is custom and includes Bao's mechanical arm.


    Obsidian didn't bother giving him the custom bodies beyond type F, which is the medium armor, which is also why he doesn't have heavy armor feat selectable in the game - it would simply crash because of the missing appearance.2da entries.


    So, my request would be to take the remaining armor models (body types G, H, K, M), and attach Bao's Arm to them, while retaining the UV maps to accomodate the textures, just like the stock bodies he uses now.


    While there are some concerns about there being a space between the head and body for the robes (body types I, N), using a custom mesh such as the following - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/413-tsl-prequel-robe-replacement/ http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/64-movie-style-jedi-master-robes/ - should prove to be adequate, as very few people use stock robe models these days. Regardless, robe addition is secondary to the request of the missing armor types.

  2. Do realize that it will still not show his cyber arm. He has his own model entries for all the armors, which have the arm as part of them, and simply use the shared textures with the armors all other NPCs wear.


    Ergo, it would be pretty simple to give him this sort of robe for, say, Revan's outfit or Dancer outfit slot, but it would still be regular two-armed body, unless someone actually took it into a modelling program, chopped off one arm and applied the cybernetic one.

  3. It is entirely possible, there have been imports of playermodels from JA mods to KotOR and TSL before. Hapslash's robes and NeoMarz's Clones for example. You just have to find someone willing and competent to do it.

  4. Alright, good to know. It's only a minor detail anyway. So will the HK-50's get unique heads, or just the HK-47 model with a new paint job? If you were to give them a unique head, maybe it should look like HK-47's head but with a few details that look like HK-51.


    It's simple to just rename the model and textures of the 51s into 50s once it's released, if one so wishes. DP doesn't really need to do that.

  5. TSL envmap column in appearance.2da uses the same "Default" argument as K1 version, which is why people have been manually inserting Mycube/CM_Baremetal in there to make the shiny shaders kick in on various characters.


    You could do that, and then have another look at the alpha of the texture. If that doesn't work, I volunteer to tinker with it once this mod's released.


    Also, as far as the vocabulator lights go, they should be a little more pronounced I think, now that I know they're intentional - they're kidna hard to see from a distance, as seen on the second image of HK and Exile.


    And another question, seeing as the HK-51 in the first post seems to have a different, non-flat vocabulator, will you make that alteration for HK-50s/51s or use the same model as HK-47?

  6. Very nice work so far, but I have a couple suggestions.


    1.There is a very visible seam on the mouthplate area in those closeup screenshots, which lets through the same light as the eyes/chestpiece. This should be patched up.


    2. Could we have some shiny shader added to the texture, and make it look more weathered as well? Kinda like Svosh's, found here - http://www.angelfire.com/crazy2/xclone_0101/kotor_mods.htm


    3. A port of this model to K1, for the love of god, please.

  7. Yes, the .mp3 is exactly the same, I see it sitting in the streammusic folder. However, it doesn't trigger properly in-game. I had a look at the .git file of 835NIH.mod and it's still set up to use the same Sith theme as regular Ravager levels.


    I assume the a_mus_visas.mp3 was meant to either be played via a trigger, or the change in the .git file was simply omitted by accident.


    Here's a video I've recorded of that cutscene, as it appears in my game -

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