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  1. There's a buster sword avaiable around, and since it's a fairly simple design, remodelling it should be easy. What's with overly skinny people wielding swords twice their size and weight with one hand though? Japs have really ridiculous ideas.
  2. Well, if you're also set on reskinning Revan's robe into RG, a helmet would be complimentary. I can provide references and texture it if you're up to modelling the gear. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2332/2357658948_0b1b959b54.jpg?v=0 http://www.fenixprops.com/ebay/starwars/royalguard/rgk.jpg
  3. Dig through kotorfiles.com, everything's there.
  4. The Un-restored Content mod has that one integrated into itself. Or so I believe since after installing it, the cutscene is now played in-game rather than from bik.
  5. Don't volunteer other people. If SS or anyone for that matter was interested, he'd say so himself.
  6. Blood of Malevolence in USM is a saber pike. not exactly like this one but it's similiar.
  7. Well, I think 'Yinchorr Dueling Sword' would be apropriate. For the description 'A retractable double sword used for training by the selected warriors who in time would become the Imperial Royal Guards.' Stats would be the same as any regular double sword in each game, and I would like them fully upgradeable.
  8. Looks most excellent. As for the upload, it's up to you really. I imagine quite a few people will like this weapon besides me.
  9. I'd like a weapon made, the retractable double-sword as seen in Crimson Empire Comics, used by Royal Guards. These are all detailed references I could take from comic pages themselves. The blades aren't as wide as in the covers, since they should retract into the hilt, like staffs in both games.
  10. By experience, kids tend to bitch when little details in the mod are not to their liking. Better safe than annoyed with hate messages.
  11. 'Personal with custom hilt' doesn't tell us much. Stats, description, hilt concept, blade color, anything. Details please.
  12. 1. Angral is not present in TOR trailer, that's a completely different sith. 2. Provide reference pictures of the mask. 3. Spell yourself out properly, this is not an instant messenger.
  13. Don't expect shoulderpad or these restraining bolt-thingies though.
  14. Do you have the padawan robe textures for the collar fix? Svosh's site only has his master robe textures, and pcgamemods links to commas' padawan textures are dead.
  15. I'm looking for K1 Mandalorian reskin, that basically changed the blue neocrusader armor into Boba Fett's color scheme. I can't remember the mod name for life, but I have screenshot to help. http://img462.imageshack.us/img462/3661/b13vx.jpg
  16. You could host it on filefront.com and then post the link. As for the theft issue, as long as the mod in question has the readme that names DarthDeadman as original author, it should be fine.

  17. So yeah, I have a request for anyone with body modelling experience. I'd like Sion's head shrunk down so a PC head could be placed there instead, much like oldflash did his Atris robes.
  18. Does such a mask mod even exist? As for Anakin head, just search kotorfiles.com, it's bound to be there.
  19. Only grammar bugs I've encountered that poked my eyes are 'Deciple' and 'Force Camoflage' when training Disciple and Mira about the Force.
  20. You could use this - http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Mandalore_Alteration;92174 and have someone reskin it, but there's little chance of remodeling the character.
  21. Now searching for Standard Robe Pack for use with Svösh's Robe Collar Fix.
  22. Requesting re-up of Avol's Vader for TSL. For some reason filefront deleted all my files stored there and that included said mod backup. The mod in question has been provided, and I've added it to my filefront stash once again for future reference - http://www.filefront.com/14027957/avol_vader.zip
  23. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Mission_Vao_as_Darth_Talon;94765 Have someone rework it to PC character and you're done.
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