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  1. Pre-rended model used for singular cinematic would hardly be needed in game, after said cinematic was done. Not to rain on your parade but read my previous posts and look at current date. Within all these years nobody fully cracked walkmesh, and many tried. And currently only one modder made some success in cracking it.
  2. The cutscene model during revelation scene has stiff cape aswell. And the one used in Death of the Dark Lord cinematic is completely different model, that presumably was made only for that cinematic and doesn't exist in game assets.
  3. A. That is just armor with disguise function set to Nihilus model. B. 'apply the same this to a revan cape should do it' wouldn't work as nobody fully cracked walkmesh yet, tough HouseOfAmon made some progress. And if by 'applying' you mean cutting actuall cape and pasting it over Revan's model, answer is still no - it would just be different cape, but still stiff.
  4. I had armor of regular Bane in the making, a reskin of Sion, which still is on my old computer. I'll probably dig it up later.
  5. It could be done by just taking texture from second dark side transition and leaving its beard on normal face.
  6. I could help you improve it in some places. PM me if you're interested.
  7. That is the body model of Sith Assassin.
  8. That would require altering an appearance slot to replace one o existing body models. And .tpc files are just textures afaik.
  9. Darth who? Never heard of any Nijus. Nihilus, perhaps.
  10. Do you want your character to look completely like her (with the face?) Or just the robes? If it's first, you could either get holowan cloakworks mod or KotOR savegame editor to change your appearance. If it's second, that would need modelling, but I don't know if it would be possible on that scale.
  11. I had such thing in the making for months. It still be some time to complete it tough.
  12. Search Taris Upper City Emporium for 'Carth's Clothes' by Kha.
  13. Use 7zip to open that archive. And for the record, you could have simply send RH a pm.
  14. With permission you could try these. http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=167709
  15. From what I could get out of it... You want personal armor for each party member that would suit their class. Correct?
  16. Kotor II > ERF's > Texture Packs > swpc_tex_tpa.erf > PFBBL01.tga Kotor II > BIF's > Models.bif > Aurora Model > PFBBL.mdl Kotor II > BIF's > Models.bif > Aurora Model Extension > PFBBL.mdx Those are locations of files in KotOR Tool. Thats rude.
  17. Stoffe's Handmaiden Choice mod Scroll down to find it.
  18. You can skip opening file in gmax, and use ascii right away to write binary models for K2. I converted few weapons that way already.
  19. Reaver was done for K1 by Oldflash (I requested it back then). I could convert the model and make .uti file for TSL if I can get his permission first.
  20. I think he's reffering to his earlier request thread which was about Scout Trooper armor.
  21. AFAIK, you could convert the model using mdlops, and make similiar .uti file for K1 version of the sword. But I'm not 100% sure if that would work.
  22. Subtle darkside transitions by Flashblade
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