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  1. I can't acces the moveup vector. In bg files this isn't a problem because I can acces the pm struct. But in g_active is only the ent struct (e.g. self->client->ps.weapon). With ent struct I can only acces buttons and not moveup. For emotes: I have done the cvar. You can disable/enable 3 types of emotes: -short: mostly taunts and emotes like nod or shake that won't last long -toggle: emotes like sit, that you enter and then only leave if you press a key or use the cmd again -interactiv: emotes that affect other players. The only one for now is hug. I will post the code for the script blocker (macro scans) and emotes later, since i have problems with my modem.
  2. I checked the code. Only vstrs that contain "+attack", "+altattack", "+moveup" or "+movedown" will be blocked, when the client tries to execute them. And for the emotes: I have change the code a little. You leave emotes if you press attack, alt attack or do dark force stuff (drain, grip, lightning) or got hit by a lightsaber. You take damage as you normaly would. I haven't integrated a cvar, but it should be quite easy. By the way can you tell how to check if the client has pressed jump (upward) in serverside code e.g. g_active? Since you can't leave emotes with jump for now, I wanted to fix this but don't know how.
  3. the source of the duelers JA 1.1 Mod is open source, I suppose that I am allowed to use it. Check out http://duelers.jk2files.com if you want to be sure. Has somebody already integrated the bug fixes? To the macro scans: -they can be turned of by cvar -they tell you if they block something -they allow simple stuff like: bind a "+attack" -they will prevent stuff like: set "kata" "+attack; +altattack" bind k "vstr kata" when you press k Do you think they are okay Kurgan?
  4. I will start with the bug fixes, since they are the smallest. I use the [FIX]-tag to show them: 1. prevent saberattackcycle bug: g_cmds.c: void Cmd_SaberAttackCycle_f(gentity_t *ent) { int selectLevel = 0; qboolean usingSiegeStyle = qfalse; // MJN - Saber Cycle Fix - Thanks Wudan!! if ( ent->client->ps.weapon != WP_SABER ) { return; } //[fix] prevent saberAttackCycle while attaking if( ent->client->ps.weaponstate == WEAPON_FIRING ) { return; } //[/fix] if (ent->client->saber[0].model[0] && ent->client->saber[1].model[0]) { //no cycling for akimbo ... 2. yellow and red DFA fix: bg_saber.c: in PM_SaberAttackForMovement: ... else if (!noSpecials&& pm->ps->fd.saberAnimLevel == SS_MEDIUM && //[FIX] (pm->cmd.upmove > 0 || pm->ps->pm_flags & PMF_JUMP_HELD) && //[/FIX] pm->ps->velocity[2] > 100 && PM_GroundDistance() < 32 && !BG_InSpecialJump(pm->ps->legsAnim) && !BG_SaberInSpecialAttack(pm->ps->torsoAnim)&& BG_EnoughForcePowerForMove(SABER_ALT_ATTACK_POWER_FB)) { //FLIP AND DOWNWARD ATTACK //trace_t tr; //if (PM_SomeoneInFront(&tr)) { newmove = PM_SaberFlipOverAttackMove(); if ( newmove != LS_A_T2B && newmove != LS_NONE ) { BG_ForcePowerDrain(pm->ps, FP_GRIP, SABER_ALT_ATTACK_POWER_FB); } } } else if (!noSpecials&& pm->ps->fd.saberAnimLevel == SS_STRONG && //[FIX] (pm->cmd.upmove > 0 || pm->ps->pm_flags & PMF_JUMP_HELD) && //[/FIX] pm->ps->velocity[2] > 100 && PM_GroundDistance() < 32 && !BG_InSpecialJump(pm->ps->legsAnim) && !BG_SaberInSpecialAttack(pm->ps->torsoAnim)&& BG_EnoughForcePowerForMove( SABER_ALT_ATTACK_POWER_FB )) { //DFA //trace_t tr; //if (PM_SomeoneInFront(&tr)) { newmove = PM_SaberJumpAttackMove(); if ( newmove != LS_A_T2B && newmove != LS_NONE ) { BG_ForcePowerDrain(pm->ps, FP_GRIP, SABER_ALT_ATTACK_POWER_FB); } } } else if ((pm->ps->fd.saberAnimLevel == SS_FAST || pm->ps->fd.saberAnimLevel == SS_DUAL || pm->ps->fd.saberAnimLevel == SS_STAFF) && ... Could somebody added this fixes to the OJP source?
  5. Hi guys! I have checked the dueler's JA 1.1 source code and extracted some stuff, for example emots, macro scans and some bug fixes. I would like to know what you think about it. Since I have no writhing acces to the OJP source I would need somebody, who would do it for me. The emots are the following: sit, sit2, sit3, sit4, sit5, sit 6, sit7, surrender, await, cower, grovel, aloraspin, alorataunt, beg, looks, flip, coding, throw1, throw2, spintaunt, super, draw, dance1, dance2, dance3, nod, shake, comeon, hug, sleep, bounce, breakdance, bequiet, pain, kneel, think, crouch. Macro scans prevent clients from using script to execute moves with a single button. The bug fix I have found in the dueler's code prevents the red DFA from being executed if you running up a stair and pressing attack. I haven't seen it, but it happened to me while in the yellow style. I have fixed this, too. The last fix is about a bug in saber style cycling. You were able to change your style, e.g. from red to blue, and you would do the same attacks of your previous style in an other.
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