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  1. In the movies there don't seem to be any specific spell-like "Force Powers", there just seems to be telekinesis, mind-trickery and lightning. Choke/Grip would just be another application of telekinesis (others being pushing, pulling, levitating, jumping etc).


    As such Choke/Grip wouldn't be a naughty power like the Lightning is, it's just your standard issue telekinesis used in an offensive manner. Thus it would be a matter of not the tool being evil, but rather the purpose it is used for that is good or evil.

    Thanks for the reminder. The "Original Trilogy" has allways been my reference to Star Wars cannon. One could only wonder why the Expanded Universe writters chose to create definitive concepts.

  2. When it comes to how I bought Vista, I ended up getting the operating system by purchasing a computer. I thought it would be wise to just buy a system with the OS allreay on it.


    I have to wonder about this: During the past few months, Microsoft's XBox 360 was reported to be experiencing hardware burnouts. If Windows Vista uses all the RAM and CPU constantly, couldn't you end up burning out the RAM, CPU, and harddrive?


    I think Microsofts' "Resistance is Futile" attitude towards customers is going to be their own undoing.

  3. You know what is really bad about this scenario? That Apple seemingly abandoned the crowd that put Mac on the map. It was a sad day when they started putting Intel processors in their machines, but the process began long before that. The Internet crowd was its downfall, and now Macs are not much more than really expensive PCs. Now graphic designers are using PCs to do things that older Macs were better equipped for.


    As for Vista......I don't plan to upgrade whatsoever.

    Even though I am taught to use Machintosh computers at school, I have been using PCs for graphic design for almost thirteen years. You can use Quark, Photoshop, InDesign, and several other graphic design programs on PCs, and you will have the same or better performance than Macs.

  4. Downgrading: Windows Vista (ME II) to Windows XP

    Over the last six months, I have used my Windows Vista machine only a handful of times. Since there are many issues with its functionality, I have been wavering on downgrading to Windows XP. I have noticed an interesting issue with Vista, which is normal for its functionality. I did some great research, for I thought I had a serious problem. What I found out is that Windows Vista uses up all of my memory. Even though I have nothing running in the foreground, Vista fills the RAM with background programs. Thus, my busy light stays flickering all the time. After researching the problem to legnth, I found that Windows Vista was designed to fill all your RAM. Instead of using only what is needed, Vista fills your RAM in anticipation of your next steps. After shutting down all the background programs that I do not need, Vista still manages to fill the RAM with the ones running. Normally, Windows XP will just keep things quiet until I summon a program. However, Windows Vista believes it is doing me a favor. I'm getting anoyed about this issue, so I began to come up with a better solution. Downgrade. As a graphic designer, I use highend programs to do work. If Windows Vista is not going to play nice, I cannot take the risk in wasting time and money.


    I thought I would just throw this out to everyone. If you think you are having this problem, you are not alone in your frustrations.


    As of a few weeks ago, Microsoft descided to allow computer manufacturers to sell computers with Windows XP. After doing some more legnthly research, the last time Microsoft made the move to allow downgrades was with Windows ME. Yes. Sales for Windows Vista are still growning, but there are more customer complaints than ever. If you remember the release of Windows ME, you will understand the direction Vista is about to go. Microsoft is running on high red at the moment, and they insist that Windows Vista is not a ME. The only problem with their assessment is that Windows ME's fate was determined by the customers. regardless about how Microsoft feels about Windows Vista, there is a 'great' chance that it will be called "Windows Vista (ME II)".


    Just a few thoughts and insight about what is going on about Windows Vista. You may want to wait until the next Windows Operating System is released.



    I also found that computer sales have fallen since the Windows Vista upgrade, and computer manufacturers are fighting Microsoft for a return to Windows XP. My guess is that "Windows Vista" will be a short lived operating system, which will be replaced with "Windows XP2".

  5. a. I don't think God will keep His return secret.

    b. If a 'messiah' isn't in compliance with your scriptures, then it's a false messiah.

    c. If evil is really destroyed, or in the process of being destroyed, we should be noticing far fewer murders, wars, and destruction. We're not.

    If you were to read the end of almost every book in the "New Testament", and Jesus's last words, you will notice that God will keep his return secret.


    Since the book of Revelation was written in 700ish AD, there is still speculation about its weight in comparision to the Old and New Testament. It contridicts what Jesus and the Disciples have said about God's second coming. Jesus himself has said, not the exact words, but, "The Angels do not know, mankind does not know, and I do not know when I will be back." - Jesus.


    If Jesus doesn't know when God will return, how can someone know 700 years after his son's crusifixtion (sp?). That makes no sense at all.

  6. Personally, I bought KotOR II based upon my experience with KotOR I. Yeah. I do admit there is a heavier PC orientated storyarch in KotOR II, but there is more variety in KotOR I. One of the reasons why I bought KotOR II is the romance with Bastila, which I experienced when playing KotOR I. I like the approach to the storyarch in KotOR I, for it built upon a more closer releationship with you and a NPC. Since there was practically 'no' romantic releationships in KotOR II, I would like to see it implimented in the third game.


    What I will end up doing this time is waiting.

  7. Yes, and what if the world ended immediately after it began?


    This idea makes sense. As with the Rupture (though, nothing of a "Rupture" was written in the Bible), what if it already happened, and we were all left behind?

    Just to help you out man. Its called "Rapture". Hehehe...


    The Rapture is only a myth, which cannot be found in the bible. Some offset Christian created the theory, and it is heavily debated to this very day. Hehehehe....


    As for the world ending five minutes ago, the world could have ended ten billion years ago. We will not know until we are dead. Life goes on. Hehehehe...

  8. If Bush takes over the government, declares martial law over the entire country, and pulls out a red lightsaber, then I'll worry that he might be a bit too much like Palpatine.



    "Wipe them out. All of them", Bush to the Democrats.


    Democrat response, "Marrages for all. Hey, you can now marry your dog or cat."

  9. Earlier this afternoon, I heard a radio weird 'o' compare Bush to Hitler. George created the Empire based upon Hitler's ideology. Bush didn't do anything as horrible as Hitler or Palpatine. Unlike the Empire in Star Wars, the United States has plans on leaving Iraq. We have no interest in taking over Iraq. Bush may have some qualities similar to the Roman Empire, but I can honestly say there is no similarity with Star Wars or Hitler. If George Bush ever tried to stay beyond his term, I am 100% sure that there will be an uprising in the US. Unlike other countries who fell victim to leaders hostily taking over their governments, the people of the United States would start an Insurrection. We have constitutional laws that prevent such acts to occur.

  10. I don't understand why people get upset about people believing in another religion, or no religion, either. Actually I take it back, I think I do. A small percentage of fundamentalist types, religion is unimportant, feel they need to stir and stir and push and push on the matter, preaching hatred and intolerance for those who do not follow their way. Some would even take it further. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Atheists would have a few bad apples who think this way the same as there are Christians who demand the genocide of homosexuals, Muslims who want Jihad and the world to submit to Islam, ect.

    Unfortunately we don't live in a world that people can tolerate each other's beliefs. I think the only people who can really see past differences are children. When you are a child, your perspective on live is nieve. Too bad we are not all color and religious blind. The world would be a better place.

  11. Oh? Given the...for lack of a better and more accurate word criticism Bush had faced it seems the belief is that the world would be a glorious utopia, with Americans and Al Qaeda standing arm to arm, fluffy bunny rabbits bounding through ever expanding green fields and peace reigning from land to land and from sea to shining sea had there been no Bush. In all seriousness the idea of removing Bush was in jest, an idea I thought people would have jumped all over. But in all seriousness I would use time travel to go back and stop the war on Iraq, as well as September 11, terrorist attacks, Hitler, ect, ect, ect, needless to say I'd be pretty busy. What would happen if I did though? I would want a guarentee that I wouldn't be making things worse by doing so.

    Unfortunately I don't think there are any guarentees in time travel. However, I can understand why you would change those events.

  12. If I may, why shoukd it matter that people believe in God? Why does it seem to get to people so much?

    I think the original post was a question of curiosity. I'm not one of those witnesses who say, "Look. Look. He/she found God.", so I don't really understand why people get upset when someone else doesn't have faith. Your question is an interesting one. If you ever come across the answer, please let us know what you find out.

  13. You very well may have a point. If you look at the history of newsmedia, they have been known for "Wagging the Dog". I think several news outlets are so upset at Gore's loss in 2001, so they have descided to cripple the Republican party once and for all. Remember, not all newsmedia is Democratic, but most of the media outlets are.


    Media polls are not a good indicator of how "The People" feel. What if Bush actually has a good 50/60% approval ratting, but Democratic voters race to the news websites to vote against Bush?

  14. Nah, just go back seven years and prevent Bush from being elected.

    Ah! Will removing Bush from historical context change something important? Could Bush have set forth a series of events, which eventually becomes essential to world history? Could something very important be put into motion, which will help others in the future descide on a future preemtive strike on a extremely deadly invader? Could our military and science divisions have gained something, regardless of magnitude of information or advancement, which would be important in the development of something very essential?


    Remember, according to sociology, each individual's life is affected by anothers. FYI - I hate Sociology, but you can't escape it when considering Time Travel.

  15. That's pretty much what an Agnostic person would say. Cheers! I myself am agnostic. Mostly because I believe that the only type of atheist is one who believes that there is no God... which i am not. In my opinion... whether it be weak or strong... agnostic values are anything ranging between skepticism with both sides of the arguement of believing in god, or being skeptical about modern religious interpretations or just the texts themselves.


    And nihilists... well... thats a different story hahaha...

    "I have faith in nothing!"

    I am a Christian with an understanding of philosophy, science, history, literature, art, and theology. I personally believe that God exists, but I do like questioning the "What If...". I do like challanging what mankind knows about god, nature, space, and science. You can say that I do have a agnostic side, which allows me to understand there is more beyond a book's limitations.


    :: Example of going beyond the Bible ::

    If you were to consider literary history, (when one book was created versus another), you will notice that the Noah's Arch story was a complete mimic of an older one. Gilgamesh is the oldest literary ever know. Noah's story was told an estimated 1,000 years before it was rewritten into the Bible. However, the character in Gilgamesh was a mortal who was granted immortality, and he was given the job as guardian between life and death. When you read Noah and Gilgamesh, you get the sense that Noah's story may have been a rewritten copy.


    Another interesting biblical and historical debate is that: Jesus Christ's story was inspired by Pantara's; however, the debate is so contriversial that Christian groups have called it sacroligious (sp?).


    Another character from literary history that was written before Jesus's story was about Hercules. If you remember your mythology, Hercules was a half god and half mortal. He was the son of Zeus (the main Olympian god), and he lived amonst man. Sound familiar?


    When it comes to believing in a Christian god or not, I believe that each individual needs to find his/her connection. Remember, I am also only looking at Christianity, for my knowledge on Budha is only through art, graves, and sculpture. I only know what I have learned from art history. Budha also has Christian themes, or Christianity has Budha themes. It depends on when the literature or religion is placed in historical context. It is rumored that Jesus, between the ages of 12 and 29, visited Budha temples to learn about how religion is made. The only conundrum is that we do not have any information, including the bible, which tells us about Jesus's life in his missing years. We can only speculate. Unless we have some solid historical proof that Jesus was here or there, we may never know the whole story about Jesus' adolesent years.


    When considering what the definition of God is, we will have to also look at a wide historical context over:


    1. What may have inspired the first cognitive man/women to consider that a God was in control?


    2. Why did they so suddenly find themselves in a situation to believe that mankind was not perfect?


    3. Who came up with the word god? Why?


    Questions similar to the above are important, for it will give us an understanding of the fundementals that were considered.

  16. I think time travel is possible, and it could have happend allready. If you think about what 'time travel' is at the core, I believe that someone in the future has allready discovered the concept. Einstein's (sp?) Philadelphia Experiment was rumored to be a test on the theory. If you think about how much progress that could have been done since the 40s, you have to wonder if someone in our own time has allready gone backwards. If the concept has been discovered, I do not believe the general public will ever know.

  17. Sure, we could get rid of Hitler, but would we create a worse monster doing that? If we removed Hitler keeping Stalin busy on the Eastern front, would Stalin have been strong enough to expand his empire even farther and be a more powerful dictator than he already was? Unless we happen to be omniscient and know the ramifications of our actions, we shouldn't mess around with events in time, even if we think we're doing something beneficial for humanity.


    That being said, I might fly all the way back to Eden to convince Adam and Eve not to sin. I'd show them all the results of their decision.

    Causality. Interesting. If we go back into time and change something, will it cause/prevent an important/catastrophic event?


    When it somes to the ethical side, I do not think Time Travel could be used for the greater good. Even though the people who are time traveling are moral, I think their nieveness would cause temporal chaos.


    I looked back at my own life, and I saw an interesting pattern. There is one event that had changed my life, and it was a key moment in my own growth and progression. The event caused hardship and stress, but it forced me to take certain action. If I were to remove that one 'negative' event, the path and modivation caused by it would affact everything that followed. Even though I wished the event didn't occure, I believe it had defined the steps I took to gain success today.


    I personally do not believe that Time Travel is ethical, for the slightest change could upset the sociology and psychology of all mankind. Regardless about how negative or positive an event is, I do not believe that mankind has the ability to just stay out of time's way.

  18. 'no belief in God' or 'belief there's no God'

    Pretty interesting comments.


    "No Belief in God" = You know that there is a god, and you do not believe in him.


    "Believe There's No Do" = You just plainly do not believe that God exists.


    Can anyone prove that the "Christian/Jewish" God does not exist? Can anyone prove that the "Christian/Jewish" God does exist?


    I personally cannot prove either way. Each person has their own experiences with God to give them evidence, which say, "Yeah, God does exist", or "Nope, I haven't seen a God yet."


    Maybe we should look at the concept of "God", and then move forward from that definition.

  19. I feel safer in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Even though we have our bad moments, we do have certain freedoms that other countries do not practice. Some countries kill you for drunk driving, or they chop off a hand for stealing. The United States is probally the best country to live in. Since we are fighting an unpopular war in Iraq, I think the world just looks at us awkwardly. There are countries out there that say, "Americans stay out of our way." Once an outsider country gets attacked, "Americans we need your help." If we act upon something that is humanly wrong, we are condemned by every other country in the world. If we take an inactive action towards another country, we are condemned for not doing enough. Yeah, we have our issues. Yeah, we have problems with our gorvernment. However, where on Earth are you going to find the most self-sacrificing bunch of as* ho*es to step in front of a bullet for a stranger? We do it for liberty, peace, freedom, and prosperity for all of mankind.


    US, Canada, Russia, Europe, and some of Asia are sacrificing their people, so the common good will preveal.


    Yeah, our government has issues, but our push for freedom for all is unmatched (next to Canada and Europe that is).

  20. After seeing the report of machine failures, I am glad that I have waited to buy the 360. I will probally invest some cash into the console in about a year or two. There is plenty of time to watch how things progress. I am too worried about buying a console that breaks down easy.

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