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  1. Debate:: Atris's Role In KotOR III (On Sunday!) :: Spoilers Inside!

    Lets keep this rolling. :)


    Here is another debate, which will begin on Sunday. I welcome all of you to the second debate of "KIII". If you have read the "SW: Essentials - Chronology", you will have learned that a single Sith Lord survives after "KotOR II". As a result of the Sith Civil War in "KotOR II", only one Sith Lord has managed to live through the chaos. Was it Atris? Was it the Exile? As some of us may know, "KotOR" canon has defined the Exile as being female and Sith. However, the fate of Atris as a Sith Lord is known. What role would she have in a possible "KotOR III"? Will she be involved with the 'true Sith' invasion, or is there something else planned for her?


    Time: 8:00 pm (E.S.T. - US)

    When: Sunday 7, 2008

  2. While I was waiting to see "Indiana Jones", I saw a few interesting game trailers. "The Bourne Conspiracy" has to be one of the best I have seen in a while. If you compare it to "Alpha Protocol", I am sure you will agree that Bourne is superior. The designers of "The Bourne Conspiracy" did some amazing things to the game, which allows the player to have the full Bourne experience. Enough of my talking, you be the judge:




    Alpha Protocal has just left my radar. Actually, I don't think I was even looking at the game. "The Bourne Conspiracy" is definately pulling my interest.


    The Bourne Conspiracy: Trailers and Such

  3. Depeche Mode



    Precious and fragile things

    Need special handling

    My God what have we done to You?


    We always try to share

    The tenderest of care

    Now look what we have put You through...


    Things get damaged

    Things get broken

    I thought we'd manage

    But words left unspoken

    Left us so brittle

    There was so little left to give


    Angels with silver wings

    Shouldn't know suffering

    I wish I could take the pain for You


    If God has a master plan

    That only He understands

    I hope it's Your eyes He's seeing through


    Things get damaged

    Things get broken

    I thought we'd manage

    But words left unspoken

    Left us so brittle

    There was so little left to give


    I pray You learn to trust

    Have faith in both of us

    And keep room in Your heart for two


    Things get damaged

    Things get broken

    I thought we'd manage

    But words left unspoken

    Left us so brittle

    There was so little left to give


    What can I say about this song, which would inspire others to listen. When I personally listen to the song "Precious", I get the sense that everything is going to be okay. Regardless about what is going on in the world, or in my own life, this song gets me to understand that fragile things can be fixed. Even though they may be damaged in some form or another, we should never wait until they fade from our prescense. We should take the moment to say the things we need to, for there may never be another time to do so. Its an awsome song to listen to, and I think some of you will agree. I encourage everyone to at least listen to it once.

  4. When I hear or read the word change, I have to wonder what exactly does it mean. As it is used to convey a message, people can interprate the word in many ways. Regardless about who gets into office, there will no doubt be some type of change. I am not an Obama fan in any way. From my personal perspective, anyone who can gather thousands of individuals through blind faith, without being God or Christ, has to be someone very dangerous. If Obama wins the general election, I personally believe we will see something very new. I believe we will see something that we are not going to like.


    After watching a controversial war being carried out, I am one for some serious changes and ideologies. I just don't trust someone who can move thousands of individuals, and he can do so by not defining who, what, and how he is going to change the world. If he was someone who had a serious and moral message, with detailed facts and plans, he wouldn't have hidden certain aspects of his life.


    When Obama's wife said, "Our souls need to be mended, and only Obama can do it", the first thing I said was, "Your not a Christian are you. A real Christian knows that only you, Christ, and God can mend your soul."


    I send a big congrats to the Democrats of the forums, and I hope you got the one your looking for.

  5. I beleive that there may be a solution. Fans may not work, but liquid should. In the time about a year ago when Youtube still wasn't blocked on my computer by the stupid parental control IE filter Bsafe I have now, I saw a video where a person made a computer that uses, if I remember correctly, mineral oil, as lubricant to keep it clean, and to keep it cool. The water was kept cold by a fan and a filter inside it, if I remember correctly. Apply that conscept to a 4.0-5.0 Ghz motherboard setup, and you won't have to worry about burnouts... If that isn't true and doesn't work, maybe all they need is to start constucting computer hardware out of sturdier, stronger, more heat resistant materials. Perhaps alloys? I don't know what metals are needed for computers, but I know they need silicon. Maybe a silicon-metal alloy, and alloys with the other metals, made in such a way that the metals specifically need for transferring information through the hardware will still work well, even in conjunction with less 'transmittive' metals and elements.

    My 2' by 3' computer weighs in at 75lbs. Lol... Just kidding. I have horrible jokes. Grrr...


    You have a point though. Maybe they will find something that will cool things down. I think this is one of those waiting periods, which the chip companies just have to work on a solution. As long as my computer doesn't use oil or gas, I will be okay with anything they come up with. Oh, I want to keep my hair, so no radiation allowed please. Lol...

  6. I think all of the Space Exploration should be privatized and NASA should focus solely on creating and developing the lightsaber.


    Mars Aliens "We come in peace."


    Invaders From Earth ***Snap, Hiss.***

    "Yeah, but we don't" :wan:

  7. If it'll unite the democratic party for Clinton to be VP, then I say let them do that 'dream ticket'. I would prefer someone better as VP, but if it unites that party, then good. I have a feeling that the democrats are going to win this year... :) I sure don't want Mccaine... Republicans and Clinton supporters please don't take offense to what I just said.

    :D **Raises a Pitchfork**

    "Get that Democrat!" :lol:

  8. ???? Is this for rizzle? I found it at the top of DrudgeReport, and I've been told they're quite accurate. Going to check CNN, brb.


    Edit: CNN Reports that Obama needs 12 delagates, but Fox News just put that he's 6 over the needed 2,118. I'M SO CORNFUSED.

    ...and NBC's count says he is not close enough. Someone is wrong somewhere.

  9. Its the end of the world as we know it. Lol...


    At least we can get into the general election now. Everyone's dirty laundry is about to be center stage. Even though Brock Obama has some in the news, I am sure McCain's friends will find more damaging tidbits.


    I have a funny feeling about this one. Presidant Obama? Vice Presidant Clinton? Where is the second coming of Christ?

  10. On the "Nightly News: With Brian Williams", they mentioned how investors are responsible for the high price of oil. Even though there are other elements involved, the high price of oil is being driven by people who want to take advantage of the opportunity. Demand is currently low, and oil stocks are still rising. I am watching the news tonight, for they will cover more on this issue.

  11. Well, I have some good news. General Motors is going to start focusing on making fuel efficient cars instead of so many trucks.




    One problem with that statement... google shows that there are some 4.0 Ghz motherboards... http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=4.0+ghz+motherboard

    I have seen those as well, but they are still having overheating issues.

  12. Well, "Old Republic era" spans from 25,000 BBY to 1,000 BBY, so it has less to do with being associated with the Knights of the Old Republic series than you may think.


    Also, one big thing I noticed about the Darth Bane books is that there is no mention whatsoever that Farfalla has a horse's bottom half and pointy ears. Very interesting. I guess Karpyshen thought that bit was stupid and decided to leave that part out, not mentioning his appearance. But I prefer the novels to the comics on every point except for Githany's death. I think it was done much better in Jedi vs. Sith where she comes out all zombie-looking and speaks to Bane one last time before falling apart.

    Oh! I get it! D'uh!


    It is how we view art, social, and technological history. Lol... First we had 'contemporary', and then we moved thrugh a few eras until we hit 'post-modernization'. Lol...


    At this moment in the United States technological and art history, we are in the post-modernization era of advancement. Lol... D'uh!


    Lol... Sorry peoples. I had a brain fart. Lol...

  13. At this moment in time, the oil stocks are being feed into by regular investors. If you turn back the clock, you will see a pattern of stock bubbles. Let us look at current history. During the late 1990s, the internet and technology stocks soured. People bought into the idea of new this or new that. Once President Bush got into office, not because of Pres. Bush, the internet stocks fell. What am I getting to?


    We as Americans go through psychological cycles, which feeds into extreem success, failures, and fears. Within the later part of the 19th century, we bought into the 'doomsday' senerio of Y2K. People raced out to buy food, water, clothes, and other essentials. As a result of a technological spoof, people also purchased new computers. Computers were also going through a revolution, which caused the job market to expand. People were buying into the idea, "New Technology Now!" Stocks surounding information technologies and software rose to extreme levels. Once everyone owned a computer, the informaiton technology and software sectors started to loose money. Eventually, the internet and information technology sector broke down. People were removing stocks like crazy. As a result of not making a profit from an unstable technology sector, people sought out other stable means for investing. Since everyone needs oil, gas, and housing, the people who invested in information technology said, "Hey, lets go over here." Untlimately, they are driving the price of oil through the roof. Demand is low, but the price is rising.


    Another interesting element is: During the 'information technology revolution', high school students bought into the "get rich now" schema. Since buisnesses were not able to find workers, they sucked high school students into working for them. Fast-forward to today, those high school students are still looking to get rich. Since they can no longer get the same wages, that they had during the 'information technology revolution', they can no longer pay for their new homes and cars. Instead of getting an education to secure their future, they are forced to foreclose on their homes and investments. The housing markets is all about bad choices, which were made by uneducated individuals who wanted "more money" and "no education".


    On the flip side of things, where do we invest to stay rich. "Oil" Why? Oil is a resource, which everyone in the world needs. Regardless about the demands, the price of gas will rise because people want to get rich. Its a moral question, which people who have stocks don't want to face. "Should I invest in something that everyone needs, and cause people pain and suffering?"


    On top of all these issues, Intel and AMD don't want the vast public to know another truth. We hit a milestone in how far we can advance the CPU. At this moment in technological history, we cannot make CPUs that do not burn out the motherboards. We have hit a 3.0ghtz limitation. What does this have to do with the economy? Everything. Its a massive cycle of denial, corporate scandal, and a series of dumb choices. We are now in the second 'technology stand still, which mirrors the slump between 1980 and 1995. Until we can find othe rmeans to expand information technology, the industry will steadly fall to a crawl.


    We have many more years of hell ahead. Soon the baby boomers will retire, and there will be a massive shake in all markets. In order for the oil industry to stablize, the government is about the take action in regulating how people invest in the oil market. Once the investors 'find morality', the oil prices and stocks will begin to fall.

  14. Agreed. If another one does come down the line, I will be overwhelmed with joy. Since a lot of time has passed, I will not be upset if it does not arrive. When it comes to storytelling through novalization, most writters release a book's sequal in a short time. We are heading into the third year now, and we have heard nothing definitive on the subject of sequal. I personally believe they will finish the story in comics or novels.

  15. Well yeah, but that was when that hack Kaan messed it all up by making everyone a Dark Lord and therefore equal. Bane didn't agree with this and therefore remedied it, although he didn't take it back to the one-Dark Lord rule because in the Rule of Two both the master and the apprentice shared the title.


    Once again, it's not a KOTOR book.


    To clarify: The story is not Drew Karpyshyn's. It all ready existed in Jedi vs. Sith. He just expanded upon it for the novel.

    Darth Bane @ Wookiepedia

    I guess there is some inconsistant issues with "Jedi vrs. Sith" and "Darth Bane: Path of Destruction". According to the article I found, George Lucas created Bane to begin with. Everyone else tried to piece his story together, but the latest incarnation is in conflict with previous versions.


    Wookiepedia also places the story in "Old Republic Era". You cannot argue with all the sources pointing to the "Old Republic Era".

  16. Well yeah, but that was when that hack Kaan messed it all up by making everyone a Dark Lord and therefore equal. Bane didn't agree with this and therefore remedied it, although he didn't take it back to the one-Dark Lord rule because in the Rule of Two both the master and the apprentice shared the title.




    Once again, it's not a KOTOR book.

    Well, it was written by Drew Karpyshyn. Drew was a writter and designer for "Knights of the Old Republic". On the novel's cover, the "Darth Bane" title is within the "KotOR" style banner. If you go to the tittle page, the book says, "A Novel of the Old Republic". I think we can clearly call this a "KotOR" style novel. As a reference to what we are talking about, I think due to the fact that it was written by the writter of "KotOR" the game it qualifies.

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