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  1. Insane - Just a missunderstanding. However, as a moderator yourself, I wouldn't use the words "Shut Up', or A$#. Some of us have reported you.
  2. I agree! Try to get a contact name, so you can make the letter a little personal.
  3. Name Address Phone Company Name Address To Whom It May Concern: As I was searching though Monster.com, I notice Stop and Shop was in search of a graphic designer. For the past few years, I have been working in the production field. I believe that I meet the qualification for this position. According to your requirements, you are in search for someone who knows Quark Xpress. Since I studied and utilized Quark Xpress for four years, I believe I have the necesary skills for this opportunity. At the current moment, I am a gaphic designer for the Boston Globe. During the past five years, I have been working on pagination, typesetting, and ad designing. As a graphic designer, I have developed skills in four color processing. Since color seperations are an everyday occurance, I have been exposed to various problem solving with imagesetters. Some of the programs I utilize on a everyday basis includes: Quark Xpress, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Office, Ad Force, GoLive, DreamWeaver, and Illustrator. Some of the operating systems I utilize includes: Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 00, 03, XP, Mac Os 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0. In closing, I have been very intrested in Stop and Shop. While searching your site, I have also become very intrested in your companies success. If I were to become an employee at Stop and Shop, I will meet deadlines, work overtime to meet client needs, and troubleshoot when necessary. At the moment, I am in search for $40.000 a year. Please feel free to call between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. My contact number is 000-000-0000. Thank you for your time and consideration, Your Name Here
  4. When I started this thread, I didn't expect people with negative atitudes to post here. If you hate the show, why don't you stop posting in here. Hopefully, some 'real' moderator will prune this thread, so we can get back on track...
  5. I believe they should also. What I like about the series so far, they keep making the story complex. After one season ends, the story being told also ends. Like a chronicle of books. I think that is pretty cool!
  6. What is intresting is that: Season One's theme song was in Japanese, Russian, and American, and Season Two's theme song is in Japanese and American.
  7. Actually it is quite good! Some of the dialogue does get too dry, but the stories are intresting. I will not get into too much detail. When you listen to the new openning credits, the theme song sounds better each time you play it. I placed it on a loop, and started to enjoy the music clip. If there are only one season for each Anime, then that should tell you about the quality of Ghost In The Shell... Second Season Volume II comes out in a week or two! I just placed it on reserve.
  8. 'Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig' I can honestly say that it will take some time to adjust. I have concluded that the movie writters must have contributed to the second season. So far, each episode is filled with dialogue... Too much dialogue... Before I go nuts, I will watch a few more episodes... For all those people who like the opening credits, of the first season, they changed the music and animation... Sorry People!!! At the moment, only one episode in the first four episodes, of the second season, turned out to be too dry.
  9. Hey Fred! Thanks Man! What a professional piece of work! NICE MAN! KoTOR Tool is HOT!
  10. I agree! From an art historical view, GITS was one of the first Anime movies that had a complexity in design and story. Even thought I had to watch the first movie a few times to understand it, I was drawn into how inter conected the design and story were related. Before GITS, there were very few Anime movies that strove to deliver great details in animation. Adult cartoons were rear, and GITS was one of a few Animes that put adult cartoons in the spotlight. Plus, it was delivered to the public on VHS. GITS: Stand Alone Complex will be on 'Cartoon Network' at 9:00 starting in late September or early October. When it comes to GITS II, I think it is sucessful in design and digital animation. However, I felt the only fall back was 'English Sub Text'. If the movie was doubed in English, I would be able to enjoy more of the story. I am sure there will be a copy doubed in English.
  11. Ghost in the Shell: 'Stand Alone Complex' TV Series A few moments ago, I watched through the last 'Ghost in the Shell' volume. I have to say: 'WOW'. When you sum up all the detail they made, for the series, you can't help but feel: 'Will there ever be another Anime that complex?' After watching the last episode, I walked away satisfied with their conclusion. I have never been intrigued with a Japan Adult Cartoon before. The Major's new eye color rocked... I saw the twist coming, but I wasn't sure how they would pull it off.
  12. Sergio's Response: When the forums were up, so many people acted like they owned that site. I have to laugh, for he posted their email address as well... GO SERGIO!
  13. I just read those, and I thought I was going to get sick. Sergio should have their IP banned.
  14. Hey guy! 1. Do you pay Sergio for the posting or downloading of mods? 2. Since you don't pay for the service that Sergio provides, or for the service that LucasForums provides, don't you think you owe them a thank you or your patience? When the site comes back, I would send a email to thank him for the FREE file server and site maintaining. Sergio puts in many hours to bring us a place to upload our files, and we owe him patience, support, and silence... Think about it!
  15. So how much sugar did we take this morning? WELCOME BACK MAN!
  16. I heard they are going to settle on $5.00 per gallon. At the moment, down the street is at $3.50 per gallon. Oky, why are gas prices going so high? G. Bush Sr., G. Bush Jr., D. Chaney, and D. Rumsfeld all have stock or companies in the oil industry. Do the math!
  17. PcGameMods.com As many of you know PcGameMods.com has been suffering from issues, which KotOR modders are not involved with. During the past few days, Sergio has been burning out from web designing. As you know he is removing the forums, which is not a problem, for LucasForums.com is an awsome place for modder resources and such. I would like to invite you to visit pcgamemods.com inorder to thank him for maintaining a place where some of us are FREE to upload our files. http://www.pcgamemods.com/forum/topicdisplay.php?t=87833
  18. I think their will be another KotOR; however, you won't hear about it untill the end of next year. I could actually see on coming out in 2007.
  19. KOTOR I & KOTOR II: - Story Difference A few days ago, I started to play both KOTOR I and KOTOR II simultaniously. While carefully racing through the levels, I started to understand why KOTOR II's main and side quests feel confined. Now, this doesn't mean thet KOTOR II is bad, but just unique in it's own right. When a writter creates a story, there are different perspective to choose from first, second, or third person. BioWare & KotOR I: (PNPCs) Side Quests When you travel with your companions, the various side quests are not related to the main quest. Each individual PNPC has his or her own story. Instead of complete dialogue, BioWare translated their stories to the world around you. By solving their quests, you create an understanding of the people you travel with. Bastilla's mother/father, Mission's brother, Jolee's friend, and Big Z's family issues. Inorder to proceed through the levels, some of their backgrounds are important to solve. However, they are not necessary in the understanding of Malak vrs. Revan. BioWare & KotOR I: Main Quest As you travel from planet to planet, you gather both knowledge and Star Maps. Within the main quest, your job is to search for the Star Maps and overtake your old apprentice. In order to complete your tasks, the PC has to find out about what happend to Malak and Revan. As you know, the unknowing twist is that you are Revan. Obsidian & KotOR II: (PNPCs) Side Quests While playing KotOR II, there is only one PNPC side quest, which is a very simple task. Mandalore's side quest is to gather Mandalorians. However, there is no personal side quest, which you have to solve a puzzle. Unlike KotOR I, KotOR II doesn't have any personal side quests, which you have to solve anything to find more information about your friends. Instead of moving from place to place, you can sit through hours of dialogue and play around with your PNPC's influence through questions, and in return you learn about your PNPCs and turn them to Jedi/Sith. Obsidian & KotOR II: Main Quest While playing KotOR II, the main quest is to find out your own relationship to the world. Instead of a hidden story, which has some twist, you must travel to solve why the Jedi disapeared, the mysteries of the Jedi Civil Wars, what occured at Malacore V, and what has happened to your self. As a bonus, you get to have a history lesson about other events, which caused other Jedi Civil Wars. However the history lesson is not important in the main quest. Other points: KotOR I - You have to travel the galaxy and do various tasks to learn about your friends. You get involved with their lives. KotOR II - You have to keep the dialogue flowing and gain influence to learn about your friends. You sit through dialogue, and converse about their lives. KotOR I - You have to gather StarMaps, which create a whole map to find a Star Forge and to understand Revan and Malak's thinking. KotOR II - You have to find the Jedi Masters, to find out why they exiled you. KotOR I and KotOR II have very uniques styles, which they both have pros and cons. Some people like to read books based upon the first person perspective, and other like to read books designed upon a third peron's perspective. KotOR I is based upon one style, and KotOR II is based upon another. When you lay both games, you are exposed to some really nice graphics and designs. Some of the elements are truely impressive. (Please feel free to add your thoughts, and add to what I am missing.)
  20. I just heard that the games will be $60 each. $299.00 (For Standard XBox 360) $399.00 (For Extended Version of XBox 360) $60.00 (For Games) After three or four years, the prices will start to drop. I just heard a buisness report, which Microsoft decided to not make the XBox 360 backwards compatible. I bought my XBox when it hit $150, for I thought that is all it is worth. I don't think playing games is worth $400.00. I rather stick with my computer. I think computer games will make a come back, for people will be declined to purchase the 360. However, there are going to be those people who will buy it on first run. There was a consumer report about the gamming companies not being ready for such a big jump. Since the original XBox never had games, which utilized all the power and specs, game companies are too far behind. I have never played a Playstation, so I don't know if it is good or not. Like 'Empire at War', where the specs are rediculous, I think people will buy them. However, not too many people will. Plus, when Playstation came on the scene, the company lost revenue, for there were not too many publishers ready. I think Playstation and PC will own the market. Unfortunate.... Thank god for computers... For me a 20GB hardrive is useless. Since my computer came with a 160GB drive, I will be all set for some time. After just reading that CNN report, I have some itresting questions: 1. What if they release a game that utilizes the specs of the advanced version of 360? 2. Would we have to upgrade the 360 from standard, so we will be compatible for all games? 3. Will this game system cost more that what it is worth? By the way you can't buy a 20GB Hardrive at Best Buy, but from a small company you can buy it for $20. Therefore, the XBox 360 is way over priced.. You can also buy a computer for $300 with the same specs...
  21. Hey Fred! I am glad to see that you have returned. I hope you finally had the chance to enjoy playing The Sith Lords.
  22. Smallville rocks. Lionel is one really cool character. I actually got MacLeodCorp from LexCorp... lol...
  23. Lol... Mystery Solved...lol... Yes, I agree she is very hot!
  24. Well... Comments from the Italian Goddess... Yes Famle Janssen is very hot, but I have so many questions for you 'lukeiamyourdad'. I guess the first question is: 1. You Avatar and 'Italian Goddess' says female. 2. Your comment say, "You don't mention Famke Janssen without me popping up". I am not making fun of you, but what is your gender? Just curious.
  25. Why in the world are they running old information over at ObsidianEnt's boards. I feel like I am in the Nuts Zone...lol.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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