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  1. Wow, some really cool ideas. How about: 1. A game where you can choose to start off as: Revan, Exile, or a new PC. However, they need a meaningful purpose, and I don't buy the line : 2. The ability to manipulate the art elements of your PC's head. Colors, pericings, etc... 3. Allow longterm players to intergrate their KOTOR I or KOTOR II save game characters into the game. (Sounds too complex, but its a thought.) 4. Larger worlds is definatly the ticket, but with intricate sidequests, which relate and not relate to the main storyline. 5. Base some storylines, like Bastilla's past, of the NPCs into the game as side quests again. (Since KOTOT II didn't have any NPC personal sidequests, I got board really fast.) 6. I like the idea, which I even thought was missing and that was: Influence problems... I thoughit was weird that they were all preachy about you doing bad things too much. Visas and Kria were interactive with this, but the other characters seemed to lightside even when they were dark. 7. Like I said, and someone agreed: Have the ability to choose to follow a master or apprentice, and either suffer from their consequesnces, or reap the rewards of the kindness. Maybe a few sidequests to turn them good or evil. 8. I love the idea, which another poster stated, make the hallways look liveable. Like there was or is sometype of activity that takes place... Nice! 9. How about this: You have slots for six members to join your team, and throughout the game you can bump into and try to influence six out of nine types of characters to join your quest. Regardless of your gender, but more into your alignment. Therefore, you can influnce a Sith Assasitn to join the team or something. 10.
  2. Cokkie Monster is taking a walk onto the darkside! Cookie Monster (Lightside Name) Veggi Monster (Darkside Name) God Bless America, the land of our politically correct nation! The pain, the irony, the Vegi Monster! Hey wait! Wouldn't he have to change his song from: "C" is for Cookie to "V" is for... That can't be good!!
  3. Episode III: Lightsabers Stikes Back! Episode III: The Search For Dark Helmet! Episode III: Anikan's Ass Gets Kicked! Episode III: Pademe' Gets It! Episode III: Yoda's Green Little Firends Episode III: Pademe' Who's Lightsaber was It? Episode III: Yoda is Luke's True Father! OOPS... I thought you were looking for Episode III tittles!
  4. Dantooine, Tattooine, Telos (Ice Region), and Korriban:D
  5. Dantooine, Tattooine, Telos (Ice Region), and Korriban:D
  6. Juhani's Voice - "My anger seethes with hatred!"
  7. Jack from Bloodlines rocked! Here is my list: (No paticullar order.) 1. Bastilla 2. Mario 3. Shamous - Metriod Chick 4. Duke Nukem - Your an inspiration for birth control! 5. Q-Bert
  8. If KOTOR III were to be made!? 1. The choice to choose if you are Revan, The Exile, or another PC with a new agenda, but you get to pick gender, head pieces, etc.... 2. The choise to possible obtain your real lightsaber back from Atris some how. 3. A hidden secret which is hinted at through the game play, which sends cills up your spine. 4. New planets, and return only Dantooine! 5. How about some starting game gear, which represents a hint to your past. At the beginning of the game. 6. Side Quests that both alter the outcome of the game, and are a sandalone complex. 7. The choice to choose, at the get go, what your apprentice or master looks like, but the game writer decides his and her fate. 8. An Ending, which is theatrical as KOTOR I. 9. Force powers, like Force Crush, which is given to you near the middle of beginning of the game, so you can develop its potential. 10. Battle Meditation that actually works! 11. A sidequest were you can save you master or apprentice, and not save your self.
  9. Hypothetically - Who would play what part? If a KOTOR TV series was created, whoc would play what part? I would think the actor on NCIS on NBC who plays Abbey could play Mission or Bastilla!
  10. No Offence to the Original Poster! I was wondering. If DARTH333 could lock or delete this thread as well. I thank the original poster in hir or her statements, and I thank you all for your opinions and comments, but lets get back to KOTOR or Star Wars! Edit tk102: Done. I am discouraged the amount of disrespect seen in this thread.
  11. DARTH333 If you would please delete or lock this thread. I was the one who created it as a jokish thing, but I noticed another thread online, which might be causing a problem, so I don't want any other problems to be started.. If you can! Thanks Man!
  12. LOL - No! Well, I don't know! There could be a symbolistic relationship, but I have not seen the movie!
  13. I am not sure if you knew this, but the Roman Catholic Church was created by a Roman Leader named Constantine, when Rome was not an Empire, and it was started by a vision he had, which he believed that God was telling him to rule by the religious symbol called: "Constantine's Cross". However, before that the Chrisitans, Jewish Leader, and Pilot all crusified Jesus, for he was a threat to their existance. Not to mention they were in consorts with "Egypt"!
  14. Darth333 has a point. RESPECT (Just no one start to dance please!) Serious note: Look, the Pope was a grand religious leader, and I can respect that. However, the truth be told, if you are a Christian there is a solid philosophy: "There is no one between you and God except for Jesus, and the one who combinds the whole is the Holy Spirit." Plain and simple! No institutions are inmportant in the equation. Pope John Paull II will be remembered for his victories and failures, but I have to give him credit for one thing: "He stood up to leaders, dictators, and such, and tried what we, the nobodies, who have no deeep resources to do, and that is to "Keep In Check!" Other words, "Chill Out Word". Despite his pros and cons, he had the money and franchize to do it and he did it!
  15. No matter what, they were a force too big for their own good!
  16. KOTOR as a TV Series!? A few days ago, at SciFi.com, I read an intresting article, which stated that Lucas is thinking about a TV series. Unlike his other projects on TV, which were cartoon/animated series, this series would be live actionish. If KOTOR become a TV series, from who's perspective (PC, Bastilla, Carth, or other) should the story arch be based off from?
  17. Hollywood made the Roman Empire good in Gladiator; however, they were the most ruthless, dominating, dictatorship durring their time. Under Cesar, they killed hundreds in search for J.C., for his existance would challange Rome's governments control. However, after several years, and the fall of the Roman Empire, another Roman leader stood forward. Borous (?Spelling). He took over Rome and tried to rebuild the Empire, but failed to do so. Under Borous, Rome became deversified and all religions were able to gather. During the Empire, Rome was considered to be ruthless killers. If you have doubts about Jesus's existance in historical records, I can understand; Hoever, he does come up in various documents, scolls, and engravings that were kept by scribes of the Roman Empire. Therefore, he as a humanbeing did factually exist. Now, if you have questions about believing in him, well that is a subjective issue, so I won't go there! I respect everyone here not to get tangled up in a complex and contraversial conversation.
  18. "Emperor Devon : The Roman Empire was far from evil, AND THEY NEVER TOOK THE TEN COMMANDMENTS! (There never were any) I consider the Roman Empire to be the greatest civilization that has ever existed." Actually, Rome was the greatest civilization that ever existed. However, it was the Roman Empire, under the control of Cesar and Pilot, who crusified J.C.. As for the 'Ten Commandments', I was only being funny. Star Wars has been related to Christianity and Jewish scripture for many years: 1. Jesus (Master) 2. John (Apprentice) -or- 1. God (Master/Jedi Master) 2. Jesus (Apprentice/Jedi Knight) 1. Devil (Sith Lord) 2. Anti-Christ (Sith Apprentice/Dark Jedi) Philosophy: There can only be one master and one apprentice is definately Christianity! Ten Commandment are equivelent to the Jedi Laws. Robes are also similar in style to what was warn in Pakistan and Bethlahem at the time. Excuse the misspelled words! If you don't believe in Christianity, thats okay, for I am not trying to make a statement! I am only showing you were others have connected Star Wars to Christianity.
  19. When I was a kid that is!!!! Since I know the difference between real and unreal, now, I look back and see how stupid it was!
  20. For some people, the Pope means nothing. I can understand that. I am a christian, and yeah it's sad to see a religious leader fall, but I didn't know him either, so i can't say I feel the loss!
  21. At the end of the movie, and if they stay true to tittle and endings. Like how Yoda said at the end of the Clone wars "Begun it has, The Clone Wars!" The end of Episode III will be "Vader's Mask, and Palpatine saying, "Rise My Apprentice!"
  22. I didn't read this from the book, but I did talk to someone who read it. I guess the Necronomicon belongs to a series of three other books, which were spread throughout the world. if you were to collect all three in one location, and then recite the name of Jesus three times. I guess, according to the Necronomicon, Jesus has a real name, which is not mentioned in the Bible, but if you repeat his real name, you will be able to cause life to uncreate, or go backwards in evolution. I guess, the name of Jesus is written and scattered through out all three books, but you have to piece the name together. Now, since I am a christian, I thought that was complete BS!
  23. Yeah, the Necronomicon was allready made, and you can order it from your local bookstore for $4.99 to $6.99. I can't tell you how screwed up that purchse was for me. I ditched that book pretty fast. Within the first few pages: If you revail to anyone the contents of this book, you will be damed for life... Now, I read that line when I was a nieve kid, so you can imagine what I was thinking!
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