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  1. Since the race for the Democratic nomination is almost over, I can honestly say that Obama will be the 'Democratic nomination' for president. However, I do not see Hillary as his Vice President.


    My prediction:

    Here is how Hillary will be nominated for President, and how the race will be played out for the genderal election:


    Tom John McCain and (His Unknown Running Mate)

    Republican Party




    Brock Barack Obama and John Edwards

    Democrat Party




    Hillary Clinton and Joe Liberman

    Independant Party


    Since Hillary has the essential states to win the presidency, her best bet is to declare herself as independant. She will be able to take a mess of votes away from both canidate, and it will ensure her success now or in 2012.

  2. There is one current day example, and I am sure there are others. Michael Ducacus, Gov. of Massachusetts. He was hyped by the media, and he ended up loosing the election. Obama is the next Ducacus. Many people are seeing this. Ducacus himself had mentioned it on the radio.


    Fox?! Lol... UFOs? :xp:

  3. If anything, the Democratic Party is more invigorated than ever due to the tight primary race. All the media attention has been encouraging Democrats to participate in the electoral process. Even Democrats in states that have primaries as late as Oregon have been registering in record numbers.


    Likewise, if the dollars raised represent relative enthusiasm for a party, the GOP equally screwed. "For example, in the last month alone Obama raised $55 million, Clinton $35 million and McCain $12 million. That is a 90 to 12 money advantage and money is the mother’s milk of politics." --Source

    My only issue with your first comment is: The television media is allways biased towards Democrats. Allways. They were even hyping John Kerry.

  4. Yep, er, I feel like I'm intruding on this thread, but there is something I can't help but keep wondering about those Primaries in America.


    From what I read or hear, there is a rough 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans in America. Fine. So each side has fair chances to win those elections.


    Now Democrats have been split in two, between Obama and Clinton. 'K. Wouldn't be a problem if the choice has been made quickly, Democrats would now stand with one leader that would be more than a match for McCain.

    But the choice has not been done... And the struggle goes on and with each day passing Obama and Clinton keeps bashing each other so that now Democrats are bashing themselves within their ranks.


    So what I'm wondering is, once that Clinton or Obama shall have been chosen to represent the Democrats, one half of them will be thrilled, but what is the other half going to do? Get sulky? Seeing how they are fighting against each other, I just can't imagine them eventually voting for "the other guy". So it's going to be 25% for Democrats and 50% for Republicans...


    So, do I just miss something very important (highly probable) or did Democrats just already lose before the votes even began?

    Thanks for helping me to figure that out!

    If I am repeating some of SilentScope001 is saying, please forgive me for any repetition.


    First, some of the media is waking up to another conundrom. If Obama wins the nomination, 14-20% of Hillary voters have a great chance of defecting. If Hillary wins the vote, 10% African Americans will not vote at all.


    Second, the democratic party has another issue. According to some of the analysis I have been hearing, Obama can't make the vote. Why? He has been elected by college students and African Americans. Obama is unable to obtain enough caucason male and female voters.


    Third, what the media is not talking about is something interesting. Why is Hillary staying in the race? There is a massive amount of unpledged delegates in which have the potential to sway her way. The media is trying to keep that under-wraps.


    Fourth, Hillary has gotten all the votes, which in a general election make a difference. Even though Brock has the most popular vote, Hillary has every state she needs to win the election.


    Fifth, if the Democrats do not allow the Florida and MIchican votes count, there will be major backlash in the general election. Since they have not been added to Hillary's total yet, Hillary seems to be having issues with delegate. Brock Obama was asked by Hillary to do a recount in Florida and Michican, and he said, "No way man." Brock is in the way of the recount. Florida and Michican are essential to winning the presidency. Backlash is sure to come.


    Sixth, in order to win the primary, you have to obtain 2,025 delegates. Since Hillary knows this is the case, no one has the right to tell her to quit. The race is still on. The number of unpledged delegates is estimated around 200.


    Brock is winning only by 149 votes. If you really think about that number, that is not the majority vote.

  5. "Years away" doesn't have to mean "never", or "forever". It could be two to three years at most, possibly four if they need to start a new development team from scratch.

    If you want to buy into a public relations officer's word, your statement would be very true. The only issue is that he used words, which are ment to keep speculation alive. In order to keep people intrested in Obsidian, they are using speculation as a tool for advertising. As you may allready know, Obsidian was not given any go ahead to produce "KotOR III". If we were told that "Obsidian is not working on KotOR III", people who like the KotOR series would be looking elsewhere.


    Until you hear word from LucasArts themselves, you will only be following someone who is manipulating reality. That is his job.

  6. Well, yesterday's primaries were in NC and IN. Obama won easily in NC, and Clinton won very narrowly in IN. Clinton canceled her morning appointments apparently, though last night she mentioned she was going on to campaign in WV. Will she withdraw or continue on?

    I am in no way a pure Democrat or Republican. However, I think Clinton should stay in for the long haul. Since Brock cannot close the deal himself, I think this needs to be fought to the end. At this point in the game, there would be no reason why she should call it quits. I love the media, "Should she quit now" - "If she doesn't win here or there, she will have no other choice but to call it quits.". You know how many times I witnessed the media's incompatence. They act as if they control the proccess. Plus, who the hell really knows what the percentages are. Every time the media opens their mouths about 'polls', they allways get the numbers wrong.


    Plus, Obama's position as a canadate occured before the 'Rev. Wright' issues, and before he started to define himself. Who knows how many of his previous supports have jumped ship. Lol...

  7. Pretty cool man. Mr. Weller brings up some really good points about RPG's in which have "choices and consequences". When I originally played the first "KotOR", I completely enjoyed the choice concept. As Mr. Weller had pointed out, the choices did not have actual consequences. I think "KotOR I" was the first of its kind, and it was only the first step into evolving the RPG genra. Fast forward about a year, "KotOR II" was designed with an influence system. Yes, there were consequences for the choices you make, but they fell into this limited box. "You have to do this." - "Why?" - "Because we have no other choice but to go to Telos." I would rather have a choice to ignore Telos, and then suffer from the consequences of such choice. Another example: You only get Mira if you are good, or you only get Hanharr is your bad. Handmaiden cannot be convinced to join you as male. Even though the later is based upon gender, I think that it still presents a limitation of choice. If "KotOR II" was a consequence based RPG, maybe the NPCs could have been convinced to join you. Consequences could have been used as a tool, which altered their perception of what they believe you should do -or - who you have recruited to join you.


    That is what I meant by “mostly pointless.”

    Lol... Hmmm... Subjective statements Pavlos. Lol...


    Regardless, I am looking forward to the other pages. Thanks to both for the read and insight. :)

  8. Agreed, I would love nothing more than a K3, but I dont think a current gen game would stylistically be able to complete the trilogy. I personally think LA have left it too long, and the candle has burned out for them regarding KotOR

    I would not give up on the series yet. When games like KotOR take a hiatus, the publishers will allways find ways to reignite the fans. I cannot imagine them going back to the story started in KotOR II, but we will never really know until LucasArts makes a statement.


    :eyepop Uh, this a common practice in the gaming industry as well as other segments of the entertainment business sector. For example, BioWare has Matt Atwood as their manager for public relations/marketing.

    I wasn't sure if game companies actually had public relations officers. Form my experiences with other types of buisnesses, (newspapers, magazines, and government contractors), I understand how they structure a company. I guess it all comes down to live and learn.

  9. Obsidian recently hired Matthew Rorie as their official PR Manager. Matthew already registered on Obsidian's official forums and promised to answer some questions about Obsidian and their projects. Of course I asked him immediately about Kotor 3 and here's the answer I got:





    So, should we be happy or not? I don't want to get my hopes up, but at the same time I can't get rid of the feeling that his answer means "K3 development has been started, though it's years away from the release". Well, for me even a confirmation that K3 is being produced would be enough, considering that for the last couple of years we didn't get even that. What do you think?

    I have never heard of a gaming company hiring a person for public relations. I don't know if it is custome for game companies to hire such a person. Who knows? When it comes to the comment made, I think it is very politcal in nature. Let me quickly explain: If Obsidian came out and said, "At the current moment, we do not have anything planned for "KotOR III". People may loss intrest in the company. Instead of answering the question dead on, the comment is made to create a sense of speculation that will keep you going to their site and such.


    With that being said, I would just ignore the new guy's comments. He has nothing valuable to say in which relates to LucasArts themselves. If you want to know more about the "KotOR" series, I would wait and see what LucasArts has to say about the issue. LucasArts is the sole owner and only company in which is essential to everything Star Wars. When it comes to anything Star Wars, Obsidian is not important to the overall existance of the "KotOR" series.


    Since they did hire a public relations person, I would say ignore Obsidian and wait for LucasArts. Public relations people are employed to keep people intrested in a company's product. If you ignore him enough, he will just go away.

  10. Well, they're portrayed very good in this story but even better in it's sequel. On Fanfiction.net.


    First story.








    They're actually called the Pure Sith in this story. But the story's on halt atm, since the author needs Open Heart Surgery. It's based on Revan and the Exile coming back to the republic and preparing for 30 years. Then going to war with them. The 30 years aren't covered much. There's an indirect sequel on his account, which covers 300 years after the Yuushong Vong War.

    FanFiction is not considered canon. No offense to your friend's story, but I rather go by the novels, movies, and game.

  11. After reading a few interviews and such, I think the whole idea of 'True Sith' is pretty straight forward.


    True Sith refers to every Sith in the known and unknown regions who has the characteristic traits revolving around world domination. I call it the Darth Vader and Darth Malek syndrome, which includes Dark Jedi, Sith Lords, Assassins, Apprentices, etc... Any Sith that followed the traditions found on Korriban, Duxn, and Yavin IV is a True Sith. True Sith follow "The Sith Code", "The Rule of Two", and they use deception, cunning, and patience. A 'True With' seeks absolute domination over everything.


    Amature Sith refers to Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, and anyone else from the academy on Malacore V. Kreia could be considered a fallen "True Sith", for she believed and followed in the teachings of Korriban. Everyone else who was a sith in "KotOR II" was not a "True Sith". What makes them amatures is a simple logic, "...these Sith are of special teachings"; "...they are driven to destroy the Jedi"; "...this one consumes the force"; "etc...". KotOR II's Sith were not driven by other philosophies such as "The Rule of Two" and "The Sith Code" and "World Domination". The only thing they are interested in is to wipe out all the Jedi. They do not seek world domination.


    I think the writters were not sure what direction to go in, so they created the ideology behind the True Sith in an attempt to be creative. What would be very interesting is if "KotOR III" would be called "The Sith Wars". Lol... If you think about the two different factions, someone would have a real easy time in creating a civil war between the two types of Sith.


    If you have read the first Darth Bane novel, you will understand the differences.


    According to Darth Bane's research, the True Sith's origin is on Korriban. Teachings of a True Sith includes 'The Rule of Two', 'The Sith Code', and 'Deception, Patience, and Cunning'. Within the Sith Academy on Korriban, Unknown Planet, Dxun, and Yavin IV, force sensitives were trained to become a canadate for apprentiship. Everyone else is considered a soldier, or they will be killed off to consolidate the darkside of the force. Originally, there were only two. There were no armies, no hierarchies, and nothing else. In order for the True Sith to overthrow the Jedi, they would work through politics, deceptions, and patience. One will encompass the darkside (power), and the other will crave it. If the apprentice is cunning enough, he or she will learn everything from the their master and the old mater's archives on Korriban, Duxn, The Unkown Planet, and Yavin IV. When the Apprentice believes he or she is ready, the individual will kill the Sith Lord in a cunning manner to take his or her place. (Thats how Malek and Palpatine got their power.) As each generation takes over, the following one will be that much stronger.




    When the 'True Sith' strike, there will only be two. Both of them will be in plain site, and they will use patiance, cunning, and deception. If you think about what Revan had done, there is no real Darth Revan. According to Star Wars EU canon, Revan was a lightsider using the monarchy Darth. All Revan wanted to do is unite the Jedi and Republic, so they can face the true force of the Sith. Revan knew that a Sith Lord and a Apprentice were waiting in the Unknown Regions; however, they will bring an army of non force users up against the Republic and Jedi. Since a 'True Sith' follows the "Rule of Two", the stregnth behind one Sith Lord will be more powerful than Sion, Nhilus, and Malek combined. Malek obtained his knowledge from Korriban, but his reign and teachings as a Sith were limited. The two other "True Sith" in the unknown regions have been preparing for decades. Malek and Revan built up an army within only a few years. You can only imagine how far back the battle between Sith Lords and Apprentices had extended. Korriban contains the original Sith Archives, but the knowledge and history of the 'True Sith' is scattered throughout the gallaxy. Almost like hidden stashes of knowledge, so that the lineage could forever continue.


    In an interesting turn of events, the Exile's actions on Malacore V did the 'True Sith' a favor. Since the "Rule of Two" is essential for reaching ultimate control over the darkside, the removal of Sion, Kriea, and Nhilus had consentrated the force back onto the two in the unknown regions. If they finish the story, all shnite is going to hit the fan.

  12. Interview with Writer Chris Avellone @ EUCantina.net (4.27.08)

    Interview with Writer Chris Avellone


    After reading Chris Avellone's interview, I can see why he is in support of Team-Gizka. During my own personal experiences, I found design errors that I would have liked to have fixed. Interesting and quick read. i wished he didn't use it as a learning tool. "It is what it is." Time to move on.


    If you are wondering, this is a very new interview.


    EUC: How satisfied are you now with KOTOR II, considering all the things that were left out of it?


    CA: Not terribly satisfied, mostly because I can see what was supposed to go into it vs. what made it in. I thought the ending (which was my fault) could have been much stronger if I’d focused on that more than setting up the global companion conversations - although I did think the player was likely to hit the global companion conversations first. I still think it’s a fun game, but it could have been much more. I do think the design team in general put in a lot of hours to make the game at the level it was, and in the time provided, did some amazing stuff, so I thank them.


    EUC: If you could go back and change one thing about Kotor II, what would that be?


    CA: Drop a planet, chop 1 or 2 levels off of Peragus, drop the Disciple and Hanharr, and then use that energy to focus more on Malachor V. I would also remove all party-splitting mechanics (which while true to the franchise, didn’t go over well with players), and de-emphasize all cut-scenes (which the engine couldn’t really do well in the time provided with the programming and scripting support we had available).


    EUC: Let’s move on to the well known Kotor II Restoration Project, Team-Gizka. Have you been following them lately? I believe they are almost done. From what you’ve seen, will the mod really Obsidian envisioned for Kotor II?


    CA: I’ve actually been too busy to study it, unfortunately. If they were able to use most of the sound files and recover some of the closed-off levels, however, I hope that gives them enough to play around with.


    EUC: What part of the infamous Kotor II cut-content would you like to see Team Gizka restore, or are happy they have restored.


    CA: If they get HK-47’s infiltration of the droid factory on Telos in, I would be forever grateful.


  13. Personally, I wouldn't expect any K3 announcement (or even development process being started) until at least copule of months after The Force Unleashed is released. LA acts like it's their most important game ever and surely wouldn't want to distract public's attention from it.

    That could be a possibility. Sometimes game companies come up with a revolutionary idea, which they believe will change how people play games. I agree with this possibility. ;)


    They'll wait until after the TSLRP is released; before people start going on about how it's a fan mod, it's RESTORED CONTENT. It's not non-canon, it's completely canon to the storyline, and will make their lives a heck of a lot easier upon the third game's release.

    Lol... Wow! Uh...


    They are ONLY a fan based modding team. Anything they restore on their own is not considered official canon. George Lucas and Lucas Arts ONLY have the rights to make something canon. Unless Lucas Arts comes out and says, "Why yes, they are an official group. What they are doing is considered official canon.", their work is only fan-fiction. Period.

  14. #1-4, 9, 11: Five words--separation of church and State. His religious beliefs, whether they are the same as Mr Wright's or not, have absolutely nothing to do with whether he would be a good (or bad) president.

    #6, 8, 10: Mrs Obama isn't running for president. Though she does appear to be a psycho. Still not the point. ;)

    #7: Of course they have something to hide. If I had a name like that and lived in a racist, fear-mongering country, I'd have something to hide too. Also, it's Barack, and Hussein has two Ss.


    Can't argue with #5 or #12, though.

    Very untrue. Very foolishly untrue. Since we live in a post-911 world, his Islamic influences should be at the center of questioning. Also, the people around him reflect the man. If he didn't believe in any of those racial remarks, he wouldn't have surrounded himself with those people.


    "Its not who you are on the inside, its what you do that defines you."

  15. I can't speak for Mr. The Source, but I know that many people are put off by the perception that her "emotions" are being faked in the name of opportunism. Of course no one can say for certain what Hillary really thinks and feels, but to those of us that are a little skeptical of her rhetoric and cynical about her campaign, the timing of some of her "revelations" is a little too convenient. My 2 cents.

    You hit it on the nail man. :lol:


    When it comes to Obama, I think he is a liar, racist, and inexperienced. He is also no JFK. Before JFK was in office, he fought in a unpopular war. Obama gave tickets to people who didn't feed their car meters.


    Why racist and liar? Since this is a strong subject, I should at least give you my interpretation.


    #1 - His mentor-reverend was caught on several occasions spewing racial comments and unpatriotic garbage.


    #2 - Obama was married by Rev. Wright.


    #3 - Obama's children were baptized by Rev. Wright.


    #4 - Obama gave a donation of $30,000 to support Rev. Wright's congregation. Why? He believes in his message.


    #5 - Instead of addressing his own beliefs, Obama's racial speech was more like a lecture. He got away with not answering the question.


    #6 - Obama's wife, "For the first time in my adult life, I feel a sense of hope in America." Why? Because her husband is winning in the Democratic race. If he was loosing in the race, how would she feel?


    #7 - Obama and his family were hiding his middle name. Brock Husein Obama. After someone had mentioned his middle name, Obama's wife yelled, "You should not use his middle name." Why not? Do they have something to hide? Of course they do.


    #8 - Obama's wife called her fellow Americans sloths, fat, and lazy. Yeah, we know we may have this problem, but what type of leader comes out and degrades people.


    #9 - Instead of leaving Rev. Wrights congregation, Obama stays for 20 years. Why? Obama believes in the racist spew his reverend is selling.


    #10 - Obama's wife, "Only Obama can heal your souls". No offense psycho. Only myself, Jesus Christ, and God can do that. And they call themselves Christian. Bull Shnite!


    #11 - Obama's father and step father are Islamic. His mother was an atheist. Are you telling me that Islam had no impact on his life? The question to Obama, "What type of influence has Islam had on your life?"


    #12 - "Hope and Change" - Why does he not fill us in on his plans? Hope for who? What type of change? Why does he not have substance? All he does is make speeches with words, which he does not explain or fill with meaning.






    Since it would take too long, just click on Jay Severin's comments. He is the man!

  16. We clearly need a Three Stooges thread. Curly is better! :D


    I'm annoyed with Dean and Pelosi right now saying one of the two Dems should drop out to get it over with. Shouldn't people in the states that remain to vote have their say on the matter? I understand not wanting a '68 style convention and wanting to get this resolved to focus on going after McCain, but those two could be a little more adroit about it rather than implying 'screw the last states, we're going to decide it now'.

    I'm annoyed by Dean, Hilary, Obama, and McCain. I think all of the candidates are seriously flawed, inexperienced, and untruthful. None of them deserve the presidency. Obama's racism, Hilary's control issues and emotional swings, and McCain's Democratic run as a Republican. It is almost as if the system was hijacked by the Democrats, and each of them are bringing out the worse in our country. Grrr...

  17. Purely for the "grace" or "respect".

    I still do not get this logic. If I can make a sequal to obtain a profit, I say to hell with waiting for a fan based mod. Waiting for a fan group to complete a damaged sequal is illogical. Respect?!? I still do not get this logic. Why would a publisher respect a fan based mod? What!?


    There could be a modding problem in another sense. Maybe they are holding back on production, so they can find ways to prevent fan modding. Who knows? If you have been following the current LA games, they require great amounts of work to mod.


    Another possible reason why "KorOR 3" has not been anounced is that its not in production. Maybe the story state of "KotOR II" is so damaged that it prevents continuality to occur. Who knows?


    Or, they have plans on changing the purpose behind the 'cut content', so it can appear in the third game. As a result of brainstorming, they are taking their time in creating a convincable story. Who knows?

  18. Now this reminds me of this:

    I love how faithful types claim ownership on the perception of an entity


    Saying The Christian Perception of God would be far more sensible, and less insulting to others that do not necessarily see/agree that God has a Christian flavour.

    Who said "The Christian Perception of God would be far more sensible"? I think you are pulling something out of somwehere. Lol...


    If you are referencing my comments, I am just giving an example of religious logic. Since the thread owner is/was Lutheran, Christianity is the core to his beliefs and faith. Making logical conntections between Christianity and the subjects at hand is very relavant.

  19. According to that reasoning, all animals should be homosexual. If that were the case, I assure you there would no longer be any animals. ;)
    I think you missed some critical things, which I mentioned in my posts. I will let you re-read them. I made some comments that pointed to your answer. Maybe you just missread the post.


    To: @ Arcesious,

    Another thought that came to mind. You are onto another interesting issue, which revolves around type casting politics. When people define Democrates and Republicans, they create a series of criteria that are not accurate. Republicans and Democrats can be religious. Catholics can be a Democrat or Republican. Protestants can be a Democrat or Republican. Nothing is exclusive. We as a species like to place people into categories. Grrr...


    During the past several weeks, the Today show's Maradith (sp?) made some interesting comments about Heston. According to the Today Show, "Heston was a civil rights leader, and then he became conservitive." Grrr... That is a completely false statement. If you look at American history, conservitives were responsible for abolishing slavery. Al Gore's father and other Southern Democrats were against abolishing slavery. I am sure that some Democrats sided with the Republicans, but the majority in the Democratic party were against freeing and giving rights to African Americans. Another historical fact is that Republicans have placed African Americans in key positions of office more than Democrats have. Collin Powel and Conny Rice are two modern day examples.

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