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  1. mine would have to be bespin: cloud city on swbf 1....on bf 2 its probably mos eisley
  2. yeah there are but i still like swbf 1&2
  3. yeah it has died down a lot....and yes it may be hard to believe but there are better games than swbf 1&2.
  4. i bought SWBF2 also and it is pretty fun. i actually still like BF1 alot though and some things are more fun on it than BF2.
  5. Haha I really do not think so.
  6. No I have not Leviathan. P.S. I have been using thw Wookie alot on Kashyyyk and other maps, (online) and did 1V1 with a Dark Trooper quite a bit. The Wookie has not died once so far, I owned the Dark Trooper every time!!!! I love the Wookie!!!
  7. Yes, huge one. He has SWBF for x-box and Epi. III for it too. (and a couple of others:))
  8. I use the Shock and Dark Trooper. They are just the most fun. For Example with Shock Trooper: You see a "Rebel Scum" walking out a doorway and quickly set a mine at the entrance. Then you wave to the "Rebel Scum" flying in the air!! For Example with Dark Trooper: You fly/rocket over another "Rebel Scum" while shooting at him then watch his devistating defeat from way up in the sky!!! That's why I like the Shock Trooper and Dark Trooper!
  9. The game crashes alot online for me. Especially on Fart-Clan server!
  10. Well I'm just way better with Dark Trooper than a Wookie. It would all depend on the skill of the players.
  11. I still say DIE WALLHACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
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