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  1. mine would have to be bespin: cloud city on swbf 1....on bf 2 its probably mos eisley
  2. yeah there are but i still like swbf 1&2
  3. yeah it has died down a lot....and yes it may be hard to believe but there are better games than swbf 1&2.
  4. i bought SWBF2 also and it is pretty fun. i actually still like BF1 alot though and some things are more fun on it than BF2.
  5. Haha I really do not think so.
  6. No I have not Leviathan. P.S. I have been using thw Wookie alot on Kashyyyk and other maps, (online) and did 1V1 with a Dark Trooper quite a bit. The Wookie has not died once so far, I owned the Dark Trooper every time!!!! I love the Wookie!!!
  7. Yes, huge one. He has SWBF for x-box and Epi. III for it too. (and a couple of others:))
  8. I use the Shock and Dark Trooper. They are just the most fun. For Example with Shock Trooper: You see a "Rebel Scum" walking out a doorway and quickly set a mine at the entrance. Then you wave to the "Rebel Scum" flying in the air!! For Example with Dark Trooper: You fly/rocket over another "Rebel Scum" while shooting at him then watch his devistating defeat from way up in the sky!!! That's why I like the Shock Trooper and Dark Trooper!
  9. The game crashes alot online for me. Especially on Fart-Clan server!
  10. Well I'm just way better with Dark Trooper than a Wookie. It would all depend on the skill of the players.
  11. I still say DIE WALLHACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
  12. You can speak a diff. language Leviathan!!!
  13. Yeah that's true. But still a Dark Trooper vs. a Wookie........ Dark Trooper would own!!!!! (at least if his jet pack was full!)
  14. The Rebels are only camouflage on Endor and Hoth all the other maps they stick out just the same as everyone else.
  15. One of my friends said Episode III the Game was boring and just not what he thought it would be like. He was very disappointed, and wanted to trade it in for somthing else.
  16. But an unstopable Hero would be awsome..........and frusterating!!!!
  17. All I'm going to be doing is flying!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Yeah I didn't think about that, the Heros would of been unstopable.
  19. The Kasyyyk map looks very impersive, as well as Space Battle above Corascant. I can't wait to fly the ARC-170!!!!!!!!!
  20. Hahaha, I think that we are getting off subject.
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