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  1. Yeah Rhen War thats what it looks like.
  2. I should but im moving so packing comp. and everything!
  3. Hey Aristotle, how did you get rid of your "Registered User" thing???
  4. :wstupid: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT 1,000 P.S. Aristotle has 400 somthing posts and he changed his thing!
  5. I don't think they will make Star Wars Wattlefront III.
  6. Wow! That doesn't sound like the cover I saw!? Here is the one I know of. http://store.lucasarts.com/catalog/product.xml?product_id=3376;category_id=477;pcid1=;pcid2= P.S. Could you send a link or pic. of the cover your talking about? It prob. is the one I've seen and I just didn't look into the backround. Thnx P.S.S. Isnt the beginning of episode IV with the Rebel Blocade Runner a space map?????
  7. I saw that on http://www.swbffiles.com But it looks awsome!!!
  8. I didn't know that!? Why?
  9. Very true this is Star Wars Battlefront Forum?! P.S. If your talking about Jedi Outcast 2.I've beat it a billion times! I guess you just talk you the bar tender if you haven't done that yet???
  10. NOOBS use cheats!!!!!!!!! DIE NOOBS!!!!!!!!
  11. Lol no but it sounds like I better not! I just played the demo. P.S. Do you actually have Lego Star Wars Leviathan?
  12. Yes let us thank Pandemic! Go Pandemic!!!
  13. I've played SWBF on PS2 and as soon as you shoot a person itt locks on! Majorly GAY!!!!
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