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  1. They could make more maps though.
  2. You have good drawings Phire Storm!
  3. U know alot about star wars Leviathan!
  4. I would just wait for SWBF2 to come out, it will be 100000000000000 better.
  5. I not saying it's newer than the SWBF2 one but here it is. http://store.lucasarts.com/catalog/product.xml?product_id=3376;category_id=477;pcid1=;pcid2= P.S. Click enlarge.
  6. The new cover is freakin AWSOME! :sbdance :rddance:
  7. Even though I dont use cockpit views that much, Pandemedic Studios better not remove it! P.S. It's also 1000000000000000 more realistic!
  8. Lol, "Free Mode" on Lego Star Wars is pretty fun.
  9. They will be five times better! ( or at least they better be!? ) P.S. Those are probably PS2 graphics! Lol
  10. Thats the same article that Drth Andrew gave. ( about three posts up) But thats awsome especially the new map Dagobah! :
  11. I saw a bunch of pics. of yoda on the gallery. Does that mean u can be him? It looks like there is an 99.9% chance u can. And the pics. of the new map Dagobah are awsome.
  12. There probably will be mods for some of the Heroes that were unconfirmed on your list.
  13. Personaly I would just wait until SWBF2 comes out ( November 1st) and get that. If you want to play it on multiplayer there will not be much people on, everyone is going to switch. But it's up to u. P.S. SWBF is 25.00$ now.
  14. Ouch thats not cool, sry about the disks!
  15. Yeah that would be pretty fun for singleplayer. I hope they keep it for the most part the same though.
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