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    Well, I'm 15 going in to grade 9 in september and I'm I take French as a language too.
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    ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Singing
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  1. Now that EA has bought exclusive rights to the NFL, they are the only company that can use the NFL players' names and stadiums. However, it is often compared with the long running ESPN NFL 2K series. So in your opinion, which is the better game? I own both and I let Madden collect dust. I just feel the 2K5 is the better game simply because of the graphics, better gameplay feel, and better features such as jumping over the trench, and talking players out of retirement.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, your superbowl XL champions: THE PITTSBURG STEELERS! Now tied with the '49ers and Cowboys for the most Superbowl wins.
  3. I'm referring to this http://thatvideosite.com/view/618.html Pretty scary...
  4. hmm, can you order online if you live in Canada? My cousin lives in Ontario and he wants this game as well so he wants to know if he can get it through the 'net and thanks for all the help.
  5. I phoned about 6 EB games stores and they don't have JA in stock. Any suggestions on where I should buy it? Thanks in advance.
  6. Kickass album all the way. Another good one. and then my favourite. This is like Madden 2005, except with the QB passing cone and Superstar Mode. They used the same graphics engine which really disappointed me and it has the same feel, as well. Overall, I liked 2k5 better.
  7. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8640920961618240055&q=super+bowl Who remembers this classic performance by the '85 Bears? This is what they did after they won Superbowl XX
  8. But that's the proble. Both of my parents do smoke and sometimes my dad smokes cigars. They can't really recognize the pot and crack he's smoking because the smell of his cigars over powers the pot.
  9. sorry for the double post but I really want to fix this family problem
  10. he does the pot and crack when my parent's are out working, not when they're hot home, sorry for not clarifying that. He smokes the crack and mostly marijuana, also he got kicked out of my uncle's because he always with my younger cousin.
  11. I also forgot about another thing, He has a girlfriend and he might encourage her to take it, she goes to harvard and the drugs will greatly affect her studies. I want to prevent this from happening as well : (
  12. My other topic got locked so I'll start a new one. Every morning, I can smell a warm small coming from his bedroom, It's really strong and intense. I think it's crack, pot (whatever you call it) and I was thinking about throwing them out. He turns his fan and windows open to release the smell and my parents are usually out on night shift so I'm just alone with my Cuz. We have a 4500 dollar tv plus a 1200 home theatre system and he usually watches his movies such as "The Warriors" with full blast volume and the neighbours usually complain about the loud noise, I think this was the result of the drugs. Please help me on how to cope with this situation, I want to make my parents happier and make my cuz the person he used to be because he would usually help me on my maths and scyence homework we're relatively poor as well so we can't really hang out together and socialize with him, please help me : (
  13. http://media.putfile.com/FPS-Jimmy_0001 I think my brain imploded after hearing this kid scream
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