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  1. You italians sure are a bunch of crazy people, with your fan games.
  2. Speak for yourself. I hate fanfiction. Having the freedom to do something doesn't mean that you should always do it.
  3. Frankly, I find it a bit insulting to carry on Loom's heritrage on a sequel, be it fan made or not. It is true Brian Moriarty envisioned the possibility for such projects to happen, but in the end I don't think I would be able to stomach them for what they would make to the original game. One of the things that made Loom so great was the game's somewhat catastrophic open end. It showed us that while there's always a chance to achieve redemption, some errors cannot simply be undone by magic. Add anything else that may oppose that notion, and it will quickly turn into another "fight against darkness" piece of generic fantasy, which is opposite to the premise of the original game that actually tells us that Chaos itself cannot be stopped or defeated at all, as it is the background that sustains the entire universe.
  4. Filthy rich nasty smelling, grog-swilling PIRATE you mean. I don't think hygiene would be one of his priorities. As for the cash he says himself "It took me a lot of time to get all this". Probably means he wen't through some serious hard work and straight to questing for the Big Whoop.
  5. Aight, whaddya folks say about this another early version then?
  6. Point is there's not a clear character development bridge from MI2 to CMI. The evolution from MI to MI2 sounded very, very natural despite radical. Naive insecure person gets a huge egoboost after randomly performing a heroic feat. He thinks he's at the top of the world, yet it's true wimpish and somewhat cowardly nature still remains inside. Despite being more arrogant on MI2, Guybrush's actions also seem a lot more insecure. Now at the beginning of CMI Guybrush expresses his disappointment regarding Big Whoop. Alright so there's some regret, that clears away the arrogance in a somewhat sloppy, yet acceptable way. But be it for (and please don't discredit me for what I am about to say) Dominic Armato's emotionless voice acting or by the overly-relaxed looks of the character's animations, the coward and naive nature seems to be gone and replaced with what I think it is random sillyness. I feel it's not just the writing. It's the altogether ensemble of the elements that compose the character in CMI. It's just not as appealing as the one in the 1st two original games and hardly feels connected to them. And it's not just the nostalgia talking. I played CMI with the same excitement of the originals and found it to be a lot less engaging despite being larger and having some good puzzles. I do however take it as a nice try, taken that it was created by completely different team, so I gotta cut 'em some slack and give 'em some credit. I can't argue on this point for I haven't got the chance to play TMI yet. You're not seeing beyond the outlines. Imagine it rendered the same way the other characters are, with slightly more angular lines and less plain colours. You'll see it blends a lot better with the background than the current version. From a cartoon analysis standpoint, and not just aesthetic tastes, this version would be ideal if properly rendered.
  7. Pretty much this. Here are some of the two ugliest traced sprites I found. From a falling animation. Like gerbil said, they didn't even bother to animate his face while on the ground. He's just staring blankly at the void. Like if his face wasn't expressionless enough, they didn't bother to change it a bit for a couple of sprites. Talk about a rushed job.
  8. Well it could've been done without 3D, like the rest of the characters. Not all sprites were traced from 3D like the current version of Guybrush. One would simply have to cut some inbetweens, which frankly, would've actually looked better when other (non-traced) characters are on screen. The bridge between levels of detail in the character animation is pretty noteworthy most of the times.
  9. Well, I guess the end of MI2 was just so weird they decided to reset most things while keeping some basic continuity. Guybrush's personality is a lot more bland on CMI. His naiveté is lost and so is his acquired arrogance. This is one of the reasons why I mostly disliked CMI and the following titles. I just can't laugh at Guybrush anymore.
  10. My thoughts exactly. The style is a lot more coherent both with the original sprites and the backgrounds. It would simply need the propper paintjob (and obviously the rest of the frames) to fit in with the rest of the characters. Well, a man can dream.
  11. Good sir, simply for that post of yours, you made me a happy man for a brief period of time.
  12. I don't think it will ever happen. It's too much of an obscure game to generate enough hype adn even as a game, it wasn't that much good to begin with. Besides it would have strong competition from games like Call of Juarez and the Red Dead series. Instead I recommend you to play Smokin' Guns. It isn't graphically strong, but it's really fun and entertaining to play, and it even has some in-game graphic filters that make it look cartoony, a bit like Outlaws did.
  13. Aww, hell naw, man. There are things a man should never know.
  14. Well obviously, but if we break it down to probabilities of getting C&Ded I would say your initial proposal would be a lot more risky endeavour.
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