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  1. I'd pefer DVD, however, unless more people start buying dvd drives, i think you're going to have CDs, however i'd rather have to put in 4 cds at installation and not have to put the cd in every time i play over a dvd and still have to keep it in lol
  2. recently read in the thread about the which version of KotOR 3 you were getting and though, what about KoTOR for the PSP... I would love that, and in fact would prefer it over a console version considering the game lay type, what do you guys think?
  3. PC Version will be in my house, lol. I think it would be better if they released it for all the major consoles...
  4. The fun of KotOR is discovering the story and performing quests that help you discover the story, i am sure that everyone here (or that would by a SW game) has seen the movies, so it'd be like watching the movie with a character that you couldn't even call your own. Boring, if you ask me...
  5. And why did you bother typing this... Reread that
  6. I have mixed feelings about it, on one hand i hope they update animations, and add a form menu during level up or something, describe different forms, not just lightsaber, but melee, and blasters two, be able to select these and apply them in battle. Thus giving you bonuses with having some eyecandy as well... While on the other hand i wish you had much more control, however it is true that kotor is already bassed on one principal, however just seing the same old attack, sit and do nothing except duck every once and a while routine does get kinda old
  7. Point Taken. However, than was for a singular mission, not ownership... Another good point, however that wasn't something that you had to deal with. In Episode IV if you had seen Lando being the owner of the Falcon and then Han in Episode V, and they pull off the same gambling line, I wouldn't have liked the the Falcon as much... But don't worry Ebon Hawk lovers, I would strongly bet that you will see the Hawk again...
  8. However in the trilogy it didn't skip from person to person, if you play as the exile, then keeping the ebon hawk would be fine, if you don't, it would be kinda stupid... What I don't want... Goto I am the baddest chosen jedi ever kind of storyline Korriban Dantoonie Only Jedi PCs Lightsaber quests, 2 is enough...
  9. I like the Kotor series, but it will be time to stop after Kotor 3. I'd like to have another game like kotor but with a new story, possibly halfway between kotor and the star wars movies... Featuring a reformed republic under attack, who knows, only time will tell...
  10. 1. It would be nice to where after you beat the game, you can go to the planets and explore, pick fights with someone, or whatever instead of starting a new game and doing the same thing quests again or whatnot... 2. Ability to control more in the fights (i know i am going to get a, NO IT WOULND"T BE KOTOR!!, but o well ), like when using a lightsaber or sword be able to kick your opponents to knock them off balance... In the movies or a real fight you wouldn't attack, stop give your opponent a chance and repeat
  11. When playing lightside i dont even use the force hardly, one of the reasons i find my self leaning to the dark side
  12. I'd like to be able to refuse help from a character as well, I killed Juhani is K1... I think there should be mroe offensive force powers. It would be fun to pick weak enimes or objects up and slam them into opponents Bring in or someone who looks like him!!!
  13. I do get non-conversation sounds, just for some reason thought they would talk during a conv. thanks
  14. This is curiosity more than need but at the beginning of kotor my first time around (I am at my 2nd now) I swear I remember hearing my character talk, then I checked in the save game editor and say the soundset, so am I just crazy or do they actually speak and I just have changed a setting without realizing it?
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