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    finished 5th SW novel, trying to find an agent
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    Las Vegas Nevada
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    anime, Star Trek, Star Wars,
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  1. Contact me via facebook or direct E-mail. I am here but only occasionally.

  2. Are you still on here? I have some questions for you about Scientology and its higher levels/occultism.

  3. Okay. I am confirmed for next year's Vegas Con.

  4. I figured as much. It was the run around because of 'privacy' and not passing the note on that pissed me off. Will send you my cell phone number so you can contact me direct next time.

  5. I was a volunteer and got to attend for free. I just looked up the cheapest room available which was the Howard Johnson and it cost me $200 for all five nights. One of the perks was I got a free photo op for each day I worked and I just paid for the extra ones.

  6. I was talking about it to a friend. I didn't think you could afford it unless you did it like I have done Cons: One guy with enough to pay for the room, and ten to fifteen of you all split the cost, and give him the money

  7. Sorry about that. I wasn't even staying at the Rio. Couldn't afford it. Well I'm gonna shoot for next year's con. Maybe it will work out better

  8. I know, I found out where it was and was there on Wednesday from ten AM to 4:30. Kept getting the runaround. 'We told them to come back after lunch', then 'We told them to be back after 4', then 'We couldn't have them help because it's a Union shop, so we let them go for the day'. All from the Conventions staff.


    Followed by getting the runaround on the phone from the hotel staff right up to someone from security (Why I was sent to them I have no idea) who told me that they could neither confirm nor deny if you were staying in the hotel, nor give you a message because it violates your privacy.


    Next time, maybe one of us, oh, I don't know, give the other a cell phone number? The note I left for you with that was obviously not delivered.

  9. It was at the Rio. I just finished. Tomorrow I'm heading home and back to work on Tuesday.

  10. All right, here goes:


    The person who reviewed your story pulled no punches. The first rule I have in dealing with an author, whether screen or print, is how much of the story entertained, amused and surprised me. As that person said, when you described the person they were looking at AS a human being, it was a forgone conclusion where it was located.


    Right now Josh Whelan is the one screenwriter I enjoy, because he takes situations and turns them on their head. Like having someone comment that 'the next time you are going to stab me in the back, try doing it to my face'.

  11. You aren't old. You're still a kid, kid. Just a friend I haven't seen in a while. Where is the con being held?

  12. So I'm old now? *sigh*

    Still its a good thing huh?

  13. It looks like my month for seeing old friends and family.

  14. Hey Old Fart. Guess what? I'll be in Vegas 3/11-3/15. I'm volunteering at the Vegas Con for Supernatural. Awesomesauce.

  15. Answer to message 2, While most of the story appears more symbolic rather than actual, what do you want me to look for?

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