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  1. Did they delete your story over at fanfic?

  2. Can you help me? I asked Jedimaster12 to delete a duplicate posting because I had reorganized, and wasn't sure if people would come back to read it, but she accidentally deleted the newer version. The post is Dark Side of the Mirror, she removed the one marked redux instead.


    Could you do this for me, please?

  3. If you will delete it, I will start again

  4. The old one is still up, not redux

  5. The problem is that the old one is still up rather than redux

  6. Did you delete the thread today? It was the wrong one,,,

  7. I tried to go to chapter 7 and the system tells me there are only six. So I went and read the reviews.


    The one thing I noticed is she is nitpicking, but not flaming you. She's picking specific points in the story, and saying 'why didn't you do this?'. I flipped back further and will have to read each chapter and comment to see if there is justification for her comments, but if I had written that review of your work, I doubt you would have been as upset. Give me a few days, and I'll do just that

  8. You confused me because I looked here and didn't find it.

  9. I found it, but it's over at fanfiction. Is that the one?

  10. I'm brain dwad obviously. Which story?

  11. here or at Fanfiction?

  12. So your choice. Whichever is easier, because once it's done, I will report the sensible version

  13. I don't know if you've read it so far, but after rereading it, I felt it was too confusing. After all, if I'm confused, what about the reader who isn't inside my head.


    Something to avoid. Dark, drafty, dusty, and there be monsters there...

  14. I've been editing Dark Side of the Mirror. Is there a way to lock or delete the thread so I can repost it?

  15. Let me know when you're ready

  16. 'Forgive me for this but it's been on the brain a while, how about a CSI who does seem to know everything?'


    More definition. Psychic? Sherlock Holmes style? Having just seen the Marvel Avenger Movie, I can picture a 'super sleuth' Bruce Banner' type. Just have to find what girl to use, or introduce another one...

  17. Oh and I forgot, a biological android from an alternate universe.

  18. Any you might have to offer. So far I have a girl (Heather) who is a super genius repressed Tony Stark type, A magician with real powers, a psycho-kinetic, and the Hero who can do pretty much what he(she) wants as long as he thinks of what it is.

  19. I was having fun after I watched the new 'Clash of the Titans' because the only 'heroes' in Christianity are the ones that pretty much died horribly for their faith. I had also seen an Anime that reminded me of the old TV show 'Greatest American Hero' where the guy doesn't under stand the suit or what powers he has, so he in hero form tends to fly into buildings, or with his butt high in the air, head down.


    I decided the gods of mythology had gotten together and given the power to be an old style hero like Gilgamesh or Jason to some poor schlub who wouldn't have amounted to anything. I had fun with that too. Aphrodite sitting on the available laps, Artemis petting her pet Bubo the owl, who promptly bites her hand, that kind of thing


    However, unlike a comic book hero, he's supposed to create his own form, but he's into Japanese Anime where most of what we define as heroes are female...

  20. I don't know if you're reading my post We need a heroine, but some newbie lurker posted an ad for cell phone jammers

  21. I don't know if you're reading my post we need a heroine, but someone posted an ad for cell phone jammers

  22. Who do I report a spammer to? On my thread, 'We Need a Hero(ine)some lurker posted a reply with link, which is just an ad for a sell phone jammer

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