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  1. do we have a list of who is a member here, and also an admin at StarWarsKnights? I have been having trouble getting in, and my attempt to noify an admin came back as a failed delivery

  2. As to my comments in the critic's thread, your work is good on the whole, but like any young writer, there are mistakes that are on the technical level that interfere, and I am not talking about what we have previously discussed. I suggest you check out a book on script writng, or better yet, watch a movie from a critic's point of view. Look at the scenes they wrote that don't feel right, and see where even a professional makes mistakes that bother their viewers.


    Don't feel depressed by what I have said. My primary job here is to help you grow as an author, not rip you up when you try.

  3. But my own Wrath of the Witch Maiden wasn't important? To quote an old still beloved girlfriedn; 'Wheeemper!'

  4. You did not offend me, beyond your stubborn unwillingness to look at where reality must impinge even on fantasy. I don't know if you got a chance to read the last posting before the Reality thread was pulled, but I gave you the perfect army, if this were the Star Trek universe. I was not saying the army could not exist, merely that a human army would not be willing to do what you wanted

  5. I don't know how it happened, but my smuggler's post was duplicated.Can you delete it?

  6. Ask anyone who has been so honored, I don't hand out gold stars for showing up.


    Have you read the second part of Joining? Tell me what you think. I have portrayed the US government as a-holes, but when you read up on the argument about SETI, you will see that it became a bone of contention between the US and the Communist bloqs due to the possibility of destabillizing alien tech.

  7. Just started working on the article after my computer was down for a month. I'll do it this week

  8. I am back up and should be able to post again by early next week

  9. not yet. I may be able to give plasma, so the money will come in if I can. Right now I have to attach an external drive to even get online. Will try to post this week using this Rube Goldberg arrangement

  10. What i had wondered was if Yun was her master

  11. reviewed this week, just have not posted it

  12. No worries; I figured it outr, stupid me.

  13. Can you get hold of the staff over at Star Wars Knights for me? I had to replace my computer and it won't let me access favorites from my old files

  14. Jae, my previous laptop died, but the only link I have for the sign in page to post went with it. Help!

  15. The review system has a link at the top where yoju choos if you wish it reviewed or not. you can always send me a PM or send me one to my email.


    It should be listed on my contact info. If it is not, let me know

  16. It might have helped to send a message

  17. how many entries so far?

  18. So you mean the premise of this suggested story? Is that what you need help with?

  19. I just posted my try, for this contest; The Farce is strong in this one.

  20. The two comments I expected him to attack were the 'British officers' in charge of Jordan's military, a fact because a British officer corps commanded the Arab Legion until 1956. The other was for him to repeat, again, the claim that if the 'US and Europe support them, they can't lose', argument. I actually removed it by commenting on the last Shah of Iran and the President of South Vietnam

  21. Sorry, I haven't even looked at it yet. As for Palestine, the biggest part of the he said/she said is the claims like Rake did in his last post that 'If America is on their side, they win'. I can name a dozen countries where that is so much BS.

  22. I would expect you to do research rather than give a knee jerk reaction. As it is, I was going to ask him when he finally does his whack a mole imitation that if the Palestinians don't have artillery, how does he define bm21 rockets and mortars?

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