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  1. just curious. I was feeling like Jim Thorpe

  2. Jae, did you take one back because technically I am not a member of the staff?

  3. Jasra, just out of curiousity, can someone 1: change thread titles and 2: mark a post of mine just as fiction not 'finished' fiction'

  4. Not too bad. Vacation is over, and I go to work tomorrow.

  5. Let me know when you're done editing. Expect fun in 4 because there you'll see the Russian I've been whining at you for.

  6. wasn't sure if you got the first one. I sent to all three e-mails you gave me.

  7. Jae, would you beta read my Fairy works?

  8. Tys, will you beta read my Fairy works?

  9. Now you have me interested. send it.

  10. what I can do is review but save posting for later. If it's for the Javyar's challenge, I will need to have you send me a copy at rihannsu92220@yahoo.com

  11. All it would mean is if you asked me for a serious beta-read I would not be able to review it.

  12. I started giving them back in 2007. My stepdaughter used to answer any comments with 'whatever'. If you've read all of my additional comment posts in Family of Choice I offered a whatever to anyone who could name the food that matches Merdai stew.

  13. yes. But is it proofreading or beta reading? I do them both the same way. If you have something you need looked at, let me know. My e-mail address in rihannsu92220@yahoo.com.

  14. you get a whatever prize, even if I had to slap you upside the head for you to comment

  15. I mispelled it to see who would notice.

  16. never mind. Oh as for my handle, what about the spelling?

  17. I will review it, but will not post it until the contest is over

  18. I thought Art of War was written by Sun Tzu. However yes, that is where I got the moniker from. Now quick question, what is wrong with that name?

  19. Just checked. I reviewed it on Halloween.

  20. thanks LOTF I had run out of things to review this week

  21. It was pointed out that the best known fathers of the A bomb project here were all expatriates from the Axis such as Fermi. All of the Axis nations were capable of making nukes, they didn't think they were necessary until they started losing.

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