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  1. The gunships. With a full crew they are pretty close to unstoppable.
  2. I'm kind of a newbie (hehe), but I'd say that if you get it from Amazon.com or another place with low prices, it's well worth it. Of course, I didn't play the first one, so I guess I can't say anything. But yeah, SWBF2 is a great game IMO.
  3. Well, the game arrived on Thursday, and I've been playing it quite a lot recently, and the only word I can think of is "WOW"! The battles are always so epic in size, just like the movies. The space-battles are super-realistic, although maybe not as big as I'd like, and the Jedi just outright pwn. There's nothing like cutting through a platoon of battle-droids with Yoda or boarding an enemy star destroyer with a gunship and a full raiding party! This game just absoultely rocks. I haven't played the first Battlefront, so maybe others will have different opinions, but man this is just great. Props to LucasArts for doing a great job, although sometimes multiplayer gets a bit laggy during the ground-battles, namely on the Kashyyyk and Dagobah maps. Is there any way to fix this? I have a WLAN connection and a fairly fast laptop with an ATI Radeon XPress 200M, and the graphics seem to work fine. I've also got a gig of RAM, and the processor runs at around 1.8GHz (it's an AMD Turion 64). I've also got Windows XP, of course! But yeah, I'm trying to be experimental and am taking advice by trying out as many of the classes as possible (although frankly I tend to suck as a sniper). The space battles are by far my favorite, especially the ones where I can play as a droid. Oh, and how many people play on the 1.1 patch? I haven't patched the game yet because I've heard that the patch isn't that great. Should I get the patch anyway? it doesn't seem like there are very many servers...
  4. What is the likelihood that SWBF3 will be made? If so, when will it come out? I just ordered SWBF2 and I don't want it to go out of date/become obsolete as soon as I get it .
  5. Wow. Great community. Thanks alot everyone for your advice. It should arrive at my house on Wednesday I think (ordered from Gamestop.com using Amazon.com). Would there a possibility of one of you training me/helping me ingame? I'm not looking to join a clan or anything, I just want to be able to hold my own in a dogfight/firefight and maybe be a little bit sneaky, too. Also, what "code of honor" do most servers have? I know things like spawncamping/TKing are generally frowned upon in most games, but is there anything else? Thanks again everyone!
  6. Hi, I just ordered Battlefront II today for the PC, and it should come in a few days from now, but I was wondering if there are any good players out there who could give me some tips, maybe even some ingame training. My ingame name will either be Karistis, Vel, or Trumpetstud. Help a newbie out, waddaya say?
  7. I just got the game for Christmas LOADS of fun both SP and MP-wise I'm actually getting pretty good, can usually take out opponents who have bigger guns than me. It's just too funny to watch some guy with an AA fire it at close range and blow us both up, or to see "WTF?!" in the chat channels right after melee-ing an unsuspecting sniper from behind. If anyone here is offering clan recruitment or lessons I'm open and would like to learn more.
  8. How many people play online these days anyhow? I really want the game for Christmas! Thanks.
  9. thanks for all your help i really appreciate it /me goes out to the North Pole to hold Santa hostage for the game
  10. crud is the game still worth buying, even if just for the singleplayer? how many people are on multiplayer these days, anyway? is it a good enough amount (even if not a lot) that someone could have fun with? thanks
  11. Just curious, are bots (not aimbots, but computer-controlled opponents) available in the full retail version? I generally enjoy fighting against bots when I am in other games, and am considering buying this one for Christmas, since I LOVE the demo (the graphics are absolutely GORGEOUS). Just wondering if it is possible to start a multiplayer/instant-action-style match with no players except for yourself and a bunch of bots. Please reply soon. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the quick reply! Do you mean that my video card won't work? Or that it just wasn't tested with the game? I really want to play this game, but don't have the money to spend on a new video card. Just out of curiosity, though, which ones ARE supported? Thanks!
  13. Will it run on this system? AMD Athlon Processor 950 MHz 384MB RAM 128MB video memory (G-Force MX 5000 or whatever you call it) SoundBlaster Sound Card 128MB memory (?) I'm thinking about buying the game, but I'm not sure how it will run on my system. Will I just have to set the detail settings a bit lower? Also, are the servers playing the stock version of the game mostly, or is it mostly people testing out weird modifications and emotes like in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy? I want a game where I can actually FIGHT!!! No flames please. I'm new here. Thanks!
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