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  1. I don't really understand (or like) the whole "supernatural" part this movie seems to have ... that was never present in the games, and somehow, it doesn't really fit IMHO.
  2. This may sound strange, but IMO the sweetest scene from the trailer were the Star Destroyers in the beginning - just classy. Vader's little speech somehow sounded cheesy. Vader just wiping away the apprentice (before the Emperor) was sweet too, though :-D
  3. I'm another Kreia it seems - let's hope I don't turn out evil someday >:-)
  4. Well, actually I meant in this game ... :-p But atm I believe there are - I have found at least one more.
  5. http://www.deathstardesigner.com/ Although it's just an "online promotional game" for lethal alliance, I thought it was quite fun. My question is: Are there more than two ways to design a "perfect" Death star? (i.e. a death star without any critical vulnerabilities)
  6. Oh man that's brilliant! (concerning Kreia) "Basically, she's your mother. Have you called your mother lately?"
  7. That link doesn't work for me, but I believe this is an alternative link...?
  8. Canon: Sidious (I believe GL said so) My own happy place: Vader (with Sidious being best at manipulating others)
  9. On some skirmish maps there are pirate docks which you can capture in order to purchase pirate ship. AFAIK it is not possible in GC mode.
  10. Kashyyk, Dantooine and Taris for me. Kashyyk in the first place because of the beautiful landing and starting movies
  11. Just search your main harddrive for "petroglyph" and you should find it...
  12. What should I say? QFE While I find the Y.V. utmost silly (the marsians are attacking!), the idea I most deeply despise is the rebirth of the Emperor. Well, the SW movies are all about Anakin bringing balance to the Force by destroying the Sith, but never mind, we can resurrect them again... and again.. and again
  13. :-D I like this thread - will these endless "My fav character is more powerful than your fav character" battles ever end?? Seriously, I highly doubt that any of you two is going to convince the other - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Can't we just say that it's a fantasy world and thus everyone can have their own view of it??
  14. Well, in the very first dialogue there are 3 different options depending on your class (when Ulgo tells you to go find Bastila).
  15. I used to go for flurry, but since when you have master speed, power attack adds 30+ damage while flurry still adds only one attack, I prefer power now (and my attack bonus usually seem to be high enough for the attack penalty not to matter too much) I don't really like critical since it lowers your own defense and I just like the opponents missing me :-p
  16. Lightside ftw. Btw. I am still not sure how "starwarsy" the idea of grey jedi is. The films seem to suggest (and Lucas has stated so I believe), that there is only a light and a dark side, and the Force adept has to make his choice. Of course you could say that grey jedi are the Force users that follow the path of the light, but not necessarily the guidance of the jedi council (e.g. Jolee Bindo, Qui-Gon Jinn and Kyle Katarn), but it seems that someone who truly balances his selfish and benevolent deeds does not exist in the "classic" SW.
  17. I'd say that's the bugs striking once again...
  18. That sounds somewhat cheesy :-/ Did Vader plan on making Luke a guard dog as well??
  19. Uhm - I think the apprentice of Darth Vader would clearly belong to the Dark Side - as also indicated by his repeated use of lightning and grip. Perhaps there is a possiblity to be redempted in the end of the game though....
  20. I thought you only needed tech level 5 and a level 5 space station in order to build the DS2 or the Executor... you do need the "shipyard planets" (e.g. Mon Calamari, Kuat) in order to build regular ISDs though (which doesn't make too much sense, but whatever..)
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