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  1. Quite frankly, I am beginning to worry that they are going to pull a starcraft two on this one. I for one, have almost completely given hope. I mean, look at the starcraft fans, they are still waiting for starcraft 2 and it's been nearly 10 years. Considering KOTOR was, and probably always will be my favorite RPG of all time, I find it very sad. Trust me, I hope I am wrong, but at this point I think that is probably not the case
  2. I agree with everyone so far, the Odysey Engine really is what makes the game great. And number 1, Im not sure I see the connection between KOTOR and Empire at war, but thats just me.
  3. It's pretty interesting how that all ties together
  4. Although, I have to say the probability of Carth Onasi still being in any condition to command a fleet after that many years of his life have passed, is pretty slim.
  5. I have to revert back to the original motive behind building this thread: impatience. I have to admit, I really just want the game to come out. Guess that's fandom, huh? Well, anyway, I really do hope the game will be seen before 2007, I'd say that's probably a little bit too long of a wait. Wouldn't you?
  6. I have to agree with Fiend on this one. I think Bioware had a more polished product, but with all the new features, and all the great charactors that came with TSL, I have to say that Obsidian did a very nice job. Despite all the glitches you run into in that game, the story was great, it felt like a constant plot climax, the entire way through, something interesting was always happening. Though, at the end of the game, I did feel as though much of the story was left out, it felt unfinished. What about that part a Mal 5 when Goto comes to the ship where the remote is, why is it you don't see him do anything in the end? The planet still explodes if you are light. you would think you would have at least seen him try something. It is a tough nut to crack, but in the end, I think Obsidians product was more in depth, and much more interesting. I do think, however, too much of the story was placed in the players hands. Not in the way that you had influence over the story, but more like, if you didn't talk to someone, you didnt know that part of the story, and It might have been important, thats where KOTOR 1 comes in, I mean, I really liked how the charactors would stop to talk to you, rather than you having to worry about pissing them off so much you never ever heard from them again, you know? As cool as the influence thing was, it could be a bitch sometimes.
  7. *tear* I'm..speechless...that was.....heartbreaking
  8. I love both KOTOR games, but I have a hard time chosing which one is better, since they both had their good points. Lets crack some skulls and decide who was better, shall we?
  9. I think the statemeant above, is the definition of shortsighted. If you are the one man in the world who's being could destroy the Force (the thing that holds EVERYTHING together, yeah, that force) The man who decides the fate that befalls the entire galaxy, to call that pathetic, well...I'm afraid you may be expecting too much. Besides that fact, My point was simply that you can't keep reinventing Revan over and over every time they make a game. You realize revan was different for everyone who played the game? Some were male, some where female. Some were light, some were dark. Some had black hair, some had red. It just might be a bit complicated, and a little bit hard to believe in, when you have to rebuild revan for the second time in a game. Anyway though, the exile, you know, the one who EVERYONE and their brother would follow into the light, or into utter darkness. The one whose companions would give their lives for him, and don't even know why. The one who could possibly kill all life...I'm just having a little trouble seeing how this guy could ever be described as pathetic.
  10. I totally agree with you on everything but the last line. I mean, I think it is kind of neat to show a time when the Jedi order was in it's proper place, but when you play one of those star wars games that is set in a time when nearly NO jedi were left, thats neat because you think "HOT DAMN I KICK ASS" But I do really enjoy the fact that developers are kind of branching out and making Star wars games that revolve around the other things people do in the galaxy. Like, as you mentioned, Republic Commando.
  11. Dude, thats weird. I always thought it was better the other way around. I played revan as a female, because I think a powerfull sith lord that is a woman would be hot, plus then Carth and Revan kind of have that romance thing going on. And the exile just HAS to be male, for some reason, it just feels like it. Anyway, yeah.
  12. After playing through both games numerous times, I couldn't help but notice the AWESOME cast of charactors, that in my opinion, rival any in the star wars movies. So, I was just wondering who everyone's favorite was. Mine is deffinetly Kreia, I mean, so much work was put into her development, and I absolutely loved her. Everything she said was SO intelligent, so well thought out, and in many cases, wonderfully qoutable ~_^. And by the end, I couldn't really see her as a villian, even if she was one. Not only because I had grown to love the charactor so much, but also because many of the things she said dripped with such utter wisdom, not to mention the fact that lives were saved due to her manipulations. She only wanted to stop the force from controlling the wills of all those it surrounds, Right or wrong, I thought it was deffinetly a very interesting motive, I have to give it up for the guys that wrote these stories. Other than that, Kreia was VERY well played by I think..Sarah Kestelman was her name, anyway, she did an AMAZING job, best voice acting I think I have ever heard. Anyway, thats mine, who is yours?
  13. Couldn't agree with you more. I think ewan McFrefor does an awesome job as Obi Wan. Makes you really like the charactor alot. And in ROS he was freaking awesome. the fight with Anikin was damn near heartstopping.
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