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  1. Hey buddy by about 8 threads in this forum you can see there is a Dedicated Server * and * an active JK site ( http://jkdf2.net ), * and * an active JK IRC channel ( irc.zirc.org #jk ) * gasp *
  2. It's basically impossible unless you really have a fast computer...lol
  3. Publicly distributing Jedi Knight is a very bad idea, if you were sued by LEC and even if they were willing to settle, it would still set you back at least a couple thousand dollars. Also, JK is still up for download via the link on your forum as of right now. I would start covering up your tracks now in case you get subpoenaed. I move to have this site link permanently removed due to the decitful claims that the warez was removed - a clear red flag right there, disregard for JediKnight.net's policies and a reckless attempt to gain users. 1, hosted by JKDF2.net
  4. Some interesting sites there Kurgan, haven't seen some of those before, thanks for the links. http://jkdf2.net ReT
  5. Many many SBX players play on JKDF2.net's Jedi Knight Dedicated Server which has a hosted instance of Jedi Knight specifically for SBX v3.1, I suggest checking it out. You can connect using -> jk.servegame.com
  6. Silly people! Zone.com uses ActiveX and Javascript to launch their Lobby Client from their website. The actual lobby system of chat/tables/launching is all DirectPlay / DirectPlayLobby architecture. In case you don't know buddy, HTML is basically a visual scripting language for the web. It has no "programming" capabilities like the ones that would be needed for something along the lines of what you are thinking. Oh yeah - you can't get a program's source just by viewing the page source code. ReT
  7. 25 players any given day/night on IRC on the server irc.zirc.org #jk , more info @ http://jkdf2.net We've seen as many as 50 players in the channel at once so far
  8. Hi, I believe the number of people that fall under the "specialized" category of Jedi Knight players, so to speak, those interested in putting the time into this project are few. Trail's Guide is an excellent site yes however far outdated. My site http://jkdf2.net covers nearly everything in terms of what Trail's Guide provided/currently provides, with the exception of little. Over at JKDF2.net in some instances we have linked to or in some cases copied information from and provided credit in regards to Trail's Guide. I have attempted to contact (Scott? I believe his name is) i
  9. I ended up just dualbooting with ME... In my case JK would continually ignore the fact that I had a newer version of DirectX installed, I dunno what the solution for that would be...
  10. Are you on win2k? I've had this same problem...
  11. Guys all information about how to get on irc.holonet.org #jk and how to get on the JKDS, as well as troubleshooting, are covered at http://jkdf2.net
  12. lol guys, I dunno why you are doing this, there are plenty of active players at http://jkdf2.net
  13. Hey folks, just dropping by to let you all know about my JK site: yo diz shizznitz fo real. So go ahead, take a look, and if you like it, please please register. ReT
  14. Everyone here seems to be generally clueless as to the actual nature of the existing Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 community. Nearly everything JK including the surviving JK player can all be found at: http://jkdf2.net A large number of players can also be found at: irc.holonet.org #jk There is however a Jedi Knight Dedicated Server that I suggest you all check out, so here is the info. Information on the Jedi Knight Dedicated Server IP: jk.servegame.com or Other Redirects: jediknight.redirectme.net playjk.no-ip.org jkserver.no-ip.org playj
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