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  1. I'm sorry, I must back up. Milla was not the biological mother of those children?? O_O
  2. So, it's safe to assume that Sasha Nein was not the father of Milla's children, correct? That's another thing. I just bring in more and more things to think about, don't I?
  3. I had to buy a cobweb duster in order to go into Boyd's mind. As for Telekenisis... um. Let me think. I can't remember needing to use it, either!
  4. Also, remember Raz and Milla's conversation before Raz goes inside Milla's Dance Party. Raz say something like, "Sasha says you're the best levitator in Whispering Rock." And Milla replies, "He said that? I didn't think he noticed..." Okay, I got those quotes wrong, yes. Forgive me. And I wasn't aware of those unused sound files. I simply must hear them now. o_o
  5. These two obviously have something going on. Any thoughts and opinions about Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello's relationship?
  6. I'm at rank 92 now (wow, that was fast o_o). Almost there. Almost...
  7. The party's upstairs. Nothing to see here. It was a very interesting room to be in, nonetheless. I'll definitely check out Black Velvetopia soon.
  8. I got to late 70's. I'm at rank 82 now, and I'm still trying to get the last one figment in Gloria's Theatre, the last one figment in the Milkman Conspiracy, and... yeah. Wasn't there a bonus movie clip if you get to rank 100?
  9. Jasper for President. And RemiO, you are correct. Cut-scene music would've been a big plus. Like, put some cut-scene background music into one track, "Cut-Scene Suite" or something. Very much like in the Warcraft III soundtrack. Yeah, I guess a game rip is in order. ^^
  10. The soundtrack is awesome, but it wasn't complete; some memorable songs from the game were omitted. Where was Lungfishopolis? Milla's Dance Party? Fred Bonaparte's Mind? The soundtrack was only 43 minutes, meaning there was certainly more room available for more songs. Because of this I was a little disappointed, but it's still a great soundtrack.
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