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  1. Yeah thats what he says: Im Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate. Prepare to die.
  2. Wow thats cool. Will you paint it?
  3. Does no one else remember the Film Festival episode??? The one with Barneys heartfelt film about being drunk?!?!?!
  4. Herman/ Sherman same thing. He was in the Simpsons though! Homer got jealous of him doing the Film Festival. And he sang the Oscar Meyer weiner song. I love that episode. BSD devil sounds right I think. Still not a clue what that is though.
  5. Thats the Herman guy from The Simpsons. Mines a devil thats I recently found out is the logo for some company of which I cant remember what it bes.
  6. I had about 50 imaginary friends. We were an army against my imaginary enemies, some of which were evil twins of my imaginary friends.
  7. Probably wouldnt matter what you touch the screen with, except a blade or a magnet. GO PLAYSTATION!
  8. Grr! That Friggin Panda! Dude from the new Knorr advert
  9. I wonder why Seinfeld isnt as popular. It is so much better, one of the best shows on TV. And yeah, Sex and the City did suck.
  10. That maps very different to the layout in Virtual Springfield. Nice comics btw.
  11. Theres no 3 hour episodes. You must have watched a marathon.
  12. It was a one hour finale. I like Friends. Ill miss it. Just hope that the spin off is actually worthy of its predecessor.
  13. I cant believe Friends is over. Its actually painful.
  14. Getting Stan to sell you the boat after haggling is always satisfying, the bugger. And Ill agree with the shutting him in the coffin because of that! "Theres a lot of floating debris where my ship used to be"
  15. This is tried and tested: Take a photo of your penis. Post it on a rateme site. Give the girl the link. NOTE: Does not work if your penis is small or deformed.
  16. If they do that thing where they show you pictures and ask what you think it is always say GUNS! You might get a transfer to America but it'll be fun. (Why do I sense that comment may cause anger)
  17. Melee and Monkey Island were off. Compare the maps and you see how EMI has screwed them up. Theyve added a whole new mountain to Monkey Island. Its just bad.
  18. I liked EMI, my main problem was the controls. I like point and click. And the 3d graphics were bad too. I loved the cartoonyness of CMI. There are some funny parts in EMI, like the duck. The stuff about Jambalaya and the pirate rehab. You are supposed to hate that. The game is about getting rid of it. The fact that it was over the top added to that hatred. The monkey kombat annoyed me after the initial laugh I got from it. The Monkey Robot and the destruction of the giant monkey head was wrong. That was a real giant monkey!!! You see its bones in SOMI! I like the game, but easily its not as good as the other three.
  19. A dude called Alberto Quadrapieros suddenly thought to himself, hey the invisible man was cool. So he decided to try to be invisible. He rememebered that in the film that the invisible man wore bandages. He forgot that the purpose of the outfit was so that the invisible man could actually be seen (or because the studio couldnt afford the equipment to make a man look invisible (it was an old film so fair enough)). So once he was 'invisible' he decided he would go and perve over young loving couples. He found one such couple and stood close enough to smell their love juices. The young couple felt uncomfortable with their audience so decided to do something about it. The picture you see here is one that a police officer took before Alberto's realisation of his mistake and the subsequent arrest.
  20. Just to make sure that he was dead and out of the story for good, (He asked for it really) an army of lemon meringue pies jumped out of the bushes armed with miniguns and machetes and shot SamNMAx to pieces. Then watched as his fragments floated out to sea. But then they saw...
  21. Nah. This song is better: What could it be?
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