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  1. It's like glitch number 4 on the video, but you only need one person. I did it on the PS2 version 1.0 (no patches)
  2. I can't get it to run. It says "cannot run mission.lvl"
  3. You won't be invicible, you'll have health instead of the bar they use.
  4. On one of the building with the turrets on the upper levels, get in between the turret and the wall, I'm not sure if you have to be prone or not. If the turret moves the right way, it'll push you into the ground and you'll be behind the walls of the lower level.
  5. -Will there be extensive stat tracking? (Like Halo 2) -Will there be melee attacks? -Are you planning on adding a better physics engine for Battlefront 3 (they've hinted at making a third one) -What differences will there be in single player and multiplayer (I mean compared to each other) -Will there be mod tools -Will clans be able to move from game to game together (like Halo 2)
  6. Sorry I can't spell senario (unless its spelled right ) Level: Utapu (obi vs grievous planet) Factions: Clones (you) vs CIS You're playing as Obi-Wan the whole fight (because this is going to be different from a normal battle) and you and the clones kill all of the CIS. And because you never loose your hero, you loose almost no clones at all. Now everything's going great. Then you see a cutscene of Obi-Wan killing Grivous (movie footage, of course). Then... ORDER 66! Now, because of how good you played, you have nearly 200 clone troopers trying to kill you! You desperatly run around the battlefield finding cover. Eventually you kill enough of them to make the level end. That would be amazing! First fighting the droids, then the clones! But this isn't the Episode 3 game so it probably won't happen.
  7. Well, the game is about the 501st unit, and I think alot of them were the ones that killed the jedi in order 66.
  8. I have BF1 for the PS2 and PC. I bought it for the PS2 first because my PC sucked then, but it has no online. So then I waited for a pricedrop and bought the PC version. It's like a totally different game! I'm definatly getting the PC version.
  9. Does anyone know the Bespin: Platforms one? Its the only one I know and I figured it out myself! But I forget how to do it. I kinda know how, though.
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