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  1. I've been playing my Jedi Academy and up till tonight its been working fine. When I first loaded the game I had no avatar at all. So I loaded up the Vjun 2 level save and played through the level again. And Now it gives me the following. cl_getservercommand a reliable command was cycled out This is in Single Player not Multiplayer so no server is even being used. I'm about to restart the Vjun 1 level and see if that works. But in case it don't I could use some help.
  2. This doesn't have anything to do with what Console Revenues are, and it has nothing to do with my being informed either. Not really sure how you got me being uninformed. This has to do with the fact that I don't own a console and I am not buying one just so I can play KOTOR 3. Regardless of the revenues it would be best to continue making games for the PC. And btw despite what revenues they get from consoles their still going to loose money from people like myself that don't own a console and really don't want to have to get one just to play a game.
  3. Like other PC only users I won't be getting any. I do own a DS but I've never been to thrilled with the graphics of other Star Wars games on DS so I probably wouldn't get it on DS. Then there is the fact I am not spending $200-$300 just to get a console, on top of the $50-$60 for the game, so I can play one game. A tad bit too expensive. So again I say, unless they eventually release it on PC, I won't be getting any of them.
  4. I was getting all stocked to be able to to play this and then I read this thread that says no PC game. Will I guess Lucas is going to be loosing money as I don't own any consoles other than my Nintendo 64 and Atari 2600. And I don't plan on buying any in the foreseeable future. So I won't be getting this game as I am not going to buy a new console just to play it.
  5. I've read where someone else had reported that the MMO and KOTOR 3 were not the same thing. I've also read rumors that stated Bioware was working on KOTOR 3. Now on the Next Gen stuff. I hope that is seriously wrong. If they do a Next Gen console only, with no PC port, then they will loose money. I'm not spending $50 for a game and then also have to spend $200-$300 for the console also, haven't bought a console in nearly a decade - since I saw the limited edition Episode 1 Racer Nintendo 64 in K-Mart. I won't buy a console just so I can play this one game.
  6. I find a workaround when it did that. Just Warped to Telos, and was back on track. If it happens again I will let ya know, I expect it will. Anyways not sure what I have installed atm. I would have to find the files I downloaded and see what they are. Which is why I didn't post them at the time. I'm tempted to pull them anyways and reinstall. Mods installed Force Power Lightsabre Floating (Thinking of just getting rid of this one, when I use this power I got the bug that doesn't make the guys holding them invisible) Dark Apprentice: Holowan Consortium "Fork" Short Lightsabres v1.0 Dragon Axe EZ Swoop Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex High Level Force Powers (and it's update) New undies for female Exile (this one I am thinking of just getting rid of. Isn't one of the best mods in my opinion) And thats it.
  7. I myself have been having a similar problem. Mine lies when you go to Dantooine the second time. After you reboard the Ebon Hawk after Kreia going to Atris and your talking to Atton, right after you finish with him everything goes dark. I can get the menu and everything as well. But it all remains dark. I've already tried reloading the save, reloading the game, and both do nothing to fix the problem. It continues to go dark on me.
  8. Another thing pointing to the Exile and Nihilus theory is in the Star Wars Legacy comics. Darth Krayt using a holocrons seeks advice from 3 ancient Sith Lords, Nihilus among them. It is mentioned there that Nihilus had stored his consciousness in his armor after his death. With the fact we see Nihilus in Kotor 2 I am taking this to mean that Nihilus had stored his essence in a new body when being split off from the Exile. I could be interupting it wrong but that is what it looks like to me.
  9. I see that this has been fixed for the ATI vid cards. Does anyone have a solution to the FPS problem on Dantooine for the Nvidia?
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