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  1. Update: Psychonauts 2 has been funded, yayyy
  2. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin will bridge the gap between the two games:
  3. Looks cool, but given how rough DF-9 and Broken Age's developments were, I think I'll wait and buy this one on retail just in case. Not like I'm worried about it getting funded. Psychonauts has really grown on people so I think it'll get the exposure it needs. Edit: I recall Notch saying Tim wanted 18 million for Psychonauts 2, since they're only asking for 3.3 million on this one, that means they must be seriously banking on stretch goals and flying past that minimum amount they're asking for. That's... worrying, to be honest.
  4. Nearly twenty four, and when I'm not selling alcohol in one way or another I'm trying to make independent video games.
  5. At almost a year since we found out he was willing to fund it Source Well, darn.
  6. ...I wonder how Purple Squid feels about that new Avatar cartoon that's on now...
  7. It's always a strange experience for me. Those scant few bursts of nostalgia as Psychonauts creeps its way into the gaming consciousness again and I pop on by to see all twelve of the posts that have been made since the last time I stopped in here two months ago. That old vectorized Sasha Raz avatar I put together so many years past, that I now hold onto as a sweet reminder of days gone by. I had so many good days posting here and chit-chatting with all y'all. Today is one of them.
  8. Tryin' do my part to spread the word, least I got it passed around before the average topped $10 and they start adding even more games.
  9. More Psychonauts news, but nothing MIND BLOWING: This will be... what, the third or fourth time I've bought Psychonauts? I buy every bundle as they come out and they never disappoint, if even one game here piques your interest, buy it. If at least two do, beat the average. If not a single one does, you have no taste and I hate you.
  10. Actual Psychonauts news. My god. Source. Can you handle it?
  11. Yeah, it's mostly just regular irregulars lurking by to see how far it has fallen. Good to have you anyway.
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