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  1. I'm a 50 Inquisitor now.. If there's one thing I've learned from playing as an Inquisitor, is that it requires you to absolutely use and know all the skills the class has. Electrocute, Jolt and other interrupts are your friend. Use them. Also, the choice of companion is pretty important. Since you're a sorcerer, you'll need a melee-tank like Khem. However, for boss fights, I went with the Healer companion. You don't have him yet, though. But as a sorcerer, you can heal yourself and your companion too, despite not having the right talents. Lastly, in your preferences, you can click 'allow other players in my story area.' This means others can help you, although the area is supposed to be restricted to you. This is a great help for the hard Inquisitor quest. And believe me, they will become much, much harder.
  2. Have to sadly say that the lag on the Vornskr server is too much for me and my nephew...we tried to play it but there was too much lag between clicking and actually doing the damage...that would truly suck in flashpoints and stuff... I still have a character on the Vornskr server, but I'm playing at a European server at the moment...I'll try to play at Vornskr some time in the future though, maybe the lag was temporarily.
  3. Many familiar faces here Hi all... I'm Ztalker (or Z), and have been a member of these forums since they started providing excellent guides and mod for Kotor 1 and 2, two of my favorite games. When I found out about the fanfic forums I was sold permanently... Now several years later, I'm almost graduated as a teacher, am much more grown up since I joined this forum, but not grown up enough to stop gaming My gaming experience is extremely varied. From my old gameboy, to Sega Megadrive, Gamcube to PS3 and PC, I've played all and can beat my friend in Fifa on the X-box and PS3 equally easy (although I suck online). I've played WoW and Guild Wars and I'm pretty competent with MMO's, RPG's and shooters. My hobbies include football, not the wussy American type, movies and going out. The last is especially good over here, with Heineken, Grolsch and all that... You'll have to forgive me for being European and a Dutchman. I will accept jokes on my behalf.
  4. Hahaha That is a truly brilliant movie...especially the roles Vinnie Jones plays. Awesome!
  5. Some of us have yet to create a character because they haven't got the early -access mail yet not everyone's as luck as you!
  6. There's nothing wrong with Europeans! Except the French..and the Germans...and the Italians. Oh yeah, and the Greeks. Wait, let's stick to US servers.
  7. I'm waiting as well me wants! Damn...got a phone call, need to work at 17:00...D'oh
  8. Oh come on, Vornskr is quite cool! I see server names that are much worse...Darth Revans Mask, Hex Droid, Space Slug arenĀ“t exactly cool huh? I twittered my nephew the server name, he'll be able to join the guild the second he get's the 'early acces' mail.
  9. [coldplay] Look at your pants Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah they it was all yellow [/coldplay]
  10. We'll be the guild with a 'Stoned Dutchy' and 'government-less Belgian.' You'll be somekind of a genius on the server too, with the 2 (3?) languages you can speak! Some Americans can hardly master 1, so you'll be a linguistic demi-god!
  11. In 6 months, I'm supposed to graduate as a teacher too... "Teacher, why are you all black around your eyes and what's that stubble around your chin?" "Nothing Johnny, now GO and fetch me my coffee!!" But in all seriousness, weekend should be fine. I only have a side-job saturday morning, but that's when you guys are asleep anyway
  12. I realise that I didn't make myself clear, I believe...I didn't get far enough into the game to actually experience the changes myself. I meant to ask if upgrades would 'disappear' because of this...
  13. Little question guys, regarding flaspoints. We'll mainly be playing those at night, but...that might become difficult seen the enormous time differences. When it's 9pm here in Europe, me and Militiades are ready to go, but you guys are still enjoying your lunch, and Lynk is drinking the 10 am coffee at work...any ideas how to do this?
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