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  1. Well, I'm not doing any more serious machining to it except to maybe add a belt clip ring or something. So far as a grip, I was thinking I'd measure the circumfrence of the hilt and lay it out on paper (similar to skin making for modding KOTOR games or other), then within the length I make my designs for either felt or rubber on the grip section. I have a little something for the emitter, but I'll need a more fit-friendly shim--or at least a slicker/glossier surfaced electrical tape band. Even so the emitter looks fine as is IMO. Perhaps this grittier electrical tape would make a nice grip with an addition of O-rings. Or rubber bikegrips.

  2. That saber looks fine, I can imagine it'll take tons of time to make it look the way you want it to look though :)


    Will you be adding more progress screens for it?

  3. Yeah, and busy enough to keep a bazillion projects--you might notice my new album over on the side where I am showing my newly created lightsaber prop IRL. Other than story writing for my fanfic (I'm not in much a mood for the dread around Christmas time, and Darth Sion: Wrought of Torment is not something I plan to have a happy tone or ending to, either.) I guess that and offering up a plot help for Sith Holocron's latest since I'm just toying with modding right now.


    Yeah I hear that. Little time. Plan to at least try school again.

  4. Hell yes!!


    It has finally hit us in the Netherlands here. It's such a brilliant series. It's just so cool to relax for a bit and watch the total insanity. Brilliant idea from the guys at Man bijt hond!




  5. I'm so busy...bahh...sorry for the slow response!


    And yeah, Chad is cool! The way he says 'Give me the vegetable pricing terminal or suffer the consequences' is a classic :xp:

    But seriously, stopped following the series...little time :(


    But how are you? Still doing fine at age 106 I guess?

  6. R U Aliiiiiiiivvvve? How's it going my favorite store clerk...has Chad Vader been cool to work with? :dev9:

  7. lol, al taking homeless kittens. :p


    Anyways, I've kinda gotten out of anime of late, and mainly been reading manga. If you haven't seen Code Geass yet, I advise you do. The entire first season is on youtube in english, and I'm sure if you look, you can find the second season. Other than that, I've just been reading mangas like Naruto and Bleach, and mangas that wouldn't be appropriate on a PG13 forum :p

  8. Hahaha :D


    I just meant...this:



    The original series was much darker of tone...the new ones...not so much :)

    But anyways...any other anime's you like? I'm kinda looking for a new serious one...

  9. I'm sure its really only half way through the current episodes, as I'm sure the last episode on the Funimation site isn't the actual last episode. Of course, I haven't seen it, so I wouldn't know... <.<

  10. Akward is the good word yes.


    Half way through the original series the tone becomes serious and epic. Halfway through the new series Ed is still acting like a fool and there are all these funny and strange moments.

    I DO like the new storyline though. Especially the Mustang - Lust kill and more screentime for Havoc, Hawkeye etc.

  11. I've watched a couple of the episodes of Brotherhood after I first learned about it in a youtube ad while watching Code Geass. Watched first 2 episodes on my big screen from their site using the laptop.


    I'm sure that Brotherhood will be better than the original, but people won't like it at first because you're used to the original plot. It was awkward for me at first, but I adapted.

  12. The new Brotherhood ones :)


    Watched the normal series twice...I do think the original anime is better despite Brotherhood being based on the manga. So you're following the series too? :)

  13. I see you've gotten into Full Metal. You watching the first series, or the new Brotherhood series?

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