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  1. Erm...does it help, anyway? Well, i thought about it, but i havent tried yet...
  2. Here are the screenshots to help you undertsnad me problem Ok, time to save, right? Then, lets click the "save" button, shall we? *click* Cool, so many empty spaces! But i will save on the old one anyway! *click* U-huh, i would overwrite it, yes, thank you... Say WHAT? All my precious work? Well, you get the idea...I have tried to find different locations for saving and yesterday i beat the whole milkman level and got into the asylum and everything, but i STILL couldnt save...And even if i DONT overwrite the previous save, then i still cannot save!
  3. thanks! I got it, though i had to turn off every other sound except the FX one to notice the sound...thanks again!
  4. Well, since i need the cobweb duster-thingy to get through the milkman level, then i need 800 arrowheads, right? Well, i bought the thingy that allows me to detect the arrowheads, but even when the colour turns blue and the sound changes, no matter how hard i smash the button, i cannot dig it up. Any hints?
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