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  1. Are you playing against a hard enemy? Its been a while since I've played to be honest, so I cant remember if they do or not...
  2. What a game! What a game... I had one hell of a time on these forums, covering EaW and FoC, I remember the dev chats, the anticipation of new screens lol. Well look for me at the UaW section here, I plan to be active over there doing something! lol As DMUK says "Cheers!"
  3. Vong is right, he didnt take the Eclipse because he didnt need it after all the money he got from various imperial sources.
  4. Yeah poiuywired is correct, sounds like you have a tech issue here. You'll probably need to reload from your last save game to correct the issue. Hopefully you backed up your saves a couple of times.
  5. Regarding the "Revolt" corruption, I dont think its overpowered at all. Just DONT remove the corruption and a revolt won't occur. It's just one of those things you have to put up with. On planets with Corrupt Militia its your job not to build a huge space station and ground base.
  6. The Vader SSD is more trouble then its worth to me anyway, when and if I ever get that far in the game I just go ahead and make the DS II and not bother with Vader. The SSD is a fun toy to play with, if you get the chance.
  7. I and a few other people have expierenced the same bug, I am not sure what causes it, but I do know it does occur.
  8. You can always buy it off Ebay and have them ship it internationally, there's always ways around the system , if your willing to shop around.
  9. Yes it is supposed to be like that. Also guys dont be too mad, only 7 days until the full game comes out!
  10. Actually it is illegal to use materials from EaW and put them into the FoC demo. And vice versa. I would suggest you dont do this or we will have to remove the download links from our forum, and Im sure you wouldnt like that. Anyways, nice mod! I really am having fun playing with all the new unlocked units and such. But seeing as FoC itself is only a week and a few days away I wouldnt stress myself out with unlocking AI and such, unless you want .
  11. Well if they make a keyboard and mouse, then I can see how they make it work. lol
  12. I dont really ever play consoles but the only genre I would think suitable usually are FPS games. How they make RTS games work on them is beyond me
  13. You can download the patches from the Empire at War website. Just go to the downloads section under patches. Or, it should automatically check when you start the game up if your internet is connected.
  14. No plans to have it on 360 have been anounced, and I seriously doubt it. Petroglyph seems to focus on PC games so far, and I doubt they would go back to work on EaW when they become bigger.
  15. It would be a good feature for a.... lets just say sequel *cough* .
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