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  1. Like Torpid said, technically Lucas says it is the Death Star. Listen to the commentary for Episode III.
  2. We all seem to have forgotten that Empire at War is marketed as "Make your own Star Wars History." Well this is exactly that, we get to create a pirate faction and let it steal a SSD. Definetely make our own history time there.
  3. Says who? In fact, the newer ships of EaW have actually become part of the Star Wars universe now. Continuity is a big deal in any Star Wars game. Don't worry Petro has some of the best working for them Im sure they can do it justice with their engine.
  4. True, but we don't know if it is that same Eclipse they are talking about. Sure it was a bad mistake to name it the same thing but we don't know for sure. At this point I would tell you to attend the live dev chat on May 25th so you can voice your opinion to the devs themselves. I really like your noobish pirate remark haha
  5. Yeah exactly... don't start throwing stones yet as we dont even know that much about the expansion itself. The deal is at the very begining you can expect the pirate leader to be VERY weak but over time he builds up his powers of corruption, etc. So by the end you will be strong enough to steal the ship.
  6. I really do like the idea! Witht the article yesterday it just didnt give the expansion justice. But it is apparent that the expansion will continue where EaW left off and go straight down the road to RoTJ era. It is apparent there are going to be more advanced features added, slowing production anyone? And this is really going to add flavor to the game. With the addition of new units and obviously new maps it is going to be excellent.
  7. Haha, yeah I bet some people are not going to believe this because your april fouls joke was about the same thing! Anyways, this sounds great! I really look foward to Death Star II and having more hero units around. Smart move petro!
  8. Let's hope this is a beta stage, but yeah I noticed that myself. Even our SSD texture is better .
  9. Okay LISTEN to DMUK. This is a discussion about the Expansion. Anymore spam will result in administrative action. And that's not a good thing. BACK ON TOPIC PLEASE.
  10. Personally, Im glad they decided to do something out of the ordinary. C'mon! We all expected either prequel or ESB-RoTJ. Now that they are doing this we can expect them to focus more on: > Unique Storyline > More features > New Units > New Planets etc. etc... but if they did say a prequel expansion, they would have to create a TON of more units and such to make it work. This would make it were they couldnt put as much focus on other apsects of the game.
  11. Well at least we know there are going to be new imperial TIEs. If you look closely you can see a TIE Defender! Eeek!!
  12. E3 starts this wednesday, the 10th. And yes, I as well am hoping for at least word that development is underway.
  13. Listen to Elukka, if you want to roleplay take it there. Anyways, this is way off topic so I am gonna go ahead and give this a lockdown.
  14. Welcome to our forums SageKing! It's great to see someone who will be on more frequent to help us out with community questions.
  15. Dont get me wrong, EaW is a good first game for a newly formed company. My only problem is as long as petro has the Star Wars RTS license it's going to be simplistic game that doesnt have much depth. I really want something with a lot more depth than EaW had. I would rather have something with more depth, or have anouther company make it. I understand it's marketing to a wider audiance, but it definetely isnt marketing to hardcore Star Wars fans as much as the general RTS crowd.
  16. Yeah it will be something you pay for. It will most likely be in CD form as EaW was. You go to the store and buy it, in other words.
  17. Same, I also liked the originals as well. Im not into all the crazy spin offs though. Hopefully the Star Wars live action series can become my favorite lol.
  18. Question: So, say for example I wanted to script a ship to move from point A to B. Lua or XML? What about triggering a holo image of a character to appear? And, lastly , do you happen to know if the map editor will have any LUA editing capabilities? Thanks Torpid!
  19. Let me clarify, there is no official expansion at the momment. BUT we are pretty sure there will be one as petro has dropped tons of hints, that are well, hinting at an expansion. At the momment, noboddy knows what will be in an expansion if there is one. But again, I am pretty certain there is an expansion in the works.
  20. However ficticious the game was I really did like the FMV intos of both Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Although the games were definetely not on the serious side, they played it off real well. I miss the days of FMV in games, now everyone seems to be doing in game cutscenes rendered with the games engine. (It's cheaper... =)
  21. It's really sad, now that our front page poll has gone on for a while, 50% of everyone who voted say they don't play online. 21% think the system is terrible as well. That's about 71% of all people who either dont play/or barely play due to a terrible system (we can assume they dont play as much). Leaving 29% who actually enjoy or can live with playing online. That should show just how bad the system is... it is just horrible.
  22. Everyone is overreacting big time. The map editor must have some form of LUA scripting, as this is required to make maps for EaW if you want ANY scripted actions. A model convertor will come out, they know that mods mean new models and they wont be that ignorant.
  23. We'll let fosh get his momment of fame . Congrats!
  24. We'll let fosh get his momment of fame . Congrats!
  25. Artillary are my favorite. Of course, I do believe they are over powered but they do their job. TIE Maulers are great... when they are on my team! Yes I have frantically tried moving huge squads of infantry from those beasts but they can move fast enough. It's depressing when your pop cap goes down by 4 just because 4 squads of infantry got crushed by those maulers! lol
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