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  1. thats a really cool find. Well done !
  2. I got all my soundtrack from a website with all the LucasArt Music on it, available for download
  3. I have loved Monkey Island since I was 3. But unfortunatly now I can't play MI2 because I have an XP. I don't have a floppy disc drive. I have ScummVM but I don't know where I could get a CD version. Ive checked eBay but found nothing. Does anyone know where I could get one?
  4. lol in monkey 3 someone ask guybrush what happened to his beard he says he dosn't know
  5. I agree monkey island 4 was rubbish because tim didn't make it
  6. Im making a glitches page for The Department of Death. I have the following glitches already: When you’re on the roof near the beginning of the game, bite the mouth guard from Doms office just before the pigeons chase you, they will push him along. At Bowsley's shop when you walk backwards into the door Manny reaches through himself to open the door. When Celso leaves the DOD with only at walking stick he ends up at Rubacava before Manny through the woods whilst Manny is in the Bone Wagon. Celso says that his wife died shortly after him but Velasco says she left 2 weeks ago on the same day Celso dies. If you have had any glitches which aren't listed (whether they're technical glitches or storyline mistakes) please post them. Thank you
  7. I have a patch and I can talk to dom
  8. I love that when manny says that but he dosen't know what botany means does he cause if he did he would have just stood there saying something completely off the point If manny isn't in no2 I don't want a sequel
  9. I really hope it will ^^ cause it would be my heaven I love that game
  10. why do loads of people say that gf2 can't happen something could happen to the no 9 train and I don't want a gf without manny
  11. maybe my wrighting is quite bad and I never really do it right I always try and make it funny ending up embarressing myself
  12. ok for gf2 I don't want to get anyones hopes up so I won't say anything about it and yes I do know about everything and tim leaving also its probaly is going to get made but to get your hope raised but it will be a while
  13. oh wait I know why I changed my name when I wrote that
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