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  1. ...Heh. Looking back at my MI5 thread I can't belive you guys fell for it. Tee hee. Anyway, as you've probably guessed, I'm back. Woo.
  2. This thread's use is all but gone now. ^ Nearly a month non-stop
  3. 3) Altenatively produce a game design, with scripting an dialogue, good enough for a 5-6 screen demo. Include concept art, sketches etc Huh. I'll do that, and a crappy demo in AGS. But listen. Novel-ready storylines, quips, dialog, everything. fine. Graphics? Sketches? Don't look at me. I can picture graphics perfectly in my head... ...but unless you can make a mind-scanner, I can't show you them.
  4. LucasArts did the no new graphics/voice overs/anything/compatible with windows thing in the Bounty Pack, although that was before XP was released. I don't think they'd do it again.
  5. No. Scummbuddy, you really think I don't have a copy of AGS over here? I don't use it because it sucks. Experience. Given up? No. You are trying to make me give up.
  6. I wasn't referring to you saying I wasn't stupid. Heh. Where's the money coming from? I like being broke. or something. Don't post here then. (or something.)
  7. ^ not what I meant. Any more pirates want to join my crew?
  8. Is it just me, or is this the most popular forum thread? You don't think I'm mad? Wow, thanks.
  9. That's why we revamp the whole adventure thing keeping the original at heart. Partly action based swordfighting anyone?
  10. Yes. But point & click in 3d is a whole new matter. Seriously, keyboard controls + adventure games = trying to get doom 3 keyboarders to play MI. Forget them. There are more adventure gamers than you all think.
  11. If they lend, not sell them to me, they get their logo taped in the game alot and money.
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