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  1. Who still wants to play Dark Forces anyway? You got to be ****ting me.
  2. Sorry for not helping you immediately. I have answered your question.
  3. It's simple. Just use your brain. That will work always, trust me.
  4. I'm in Europe. Nevertheless it's irrelevant when I played, as I said I checked the server several times later. Also friday, saturday. Guess what, nothing but bots. What are you talking about school year and major players? Lol. What that got to do with the population on this server? RPG servers are populated 24/7. Whatever ... Blablahblah, I don't care about ASE and stuff. You are using 8 bots with custom names, gayass botchat is enabled and some sort of lag shown on the scoretab, how stupid is this? When I was playing there even some ppl joined, but soon disconneted cuz they realized they are in Kurgan's bothell. So is United Coruscant (a jo server) and it's still populated. Ya, I see, siege is YOUR most popular .... JM and Holocron are **** mods, they did not succeed in JO/JA. Maybe they did for you and your little gang but not for the majority. If you fail to see I can't help you. Ya, whatever, blahblah. I'm not talking about the RPG community. Some DSbr prob. still do. Explains what? There you go a again blahblah... I didn't say. "give up, the game is dead". I said that game sucks ballz. But yes the game is dead for the competitive community. Ya right, it's good to know that bots don't know any h0n0rz r00lz. No, thanks, had enough.
  5. I played against your bots like 2 hours+. I checked the server on xfire sometimes later, nothing but bots. Suggestions. Get rid of the bots, I can play them on my local box. Also drop master, siege and the thing were you have to collect boxes, these mods suck. ffa, tffa and ctf will do. No, I don't really play them. I just stop by sometimes. There's no community you know. Which clan you mean? [JHC], BOTH or DSbr?
  6. Nice bot server. I hope bots having fun.
  7. Google says: This error can occur if there is a corrupt network element installed (this can include devices, protocols, or Internet Explorer). In the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, verify that there is only one installation of Internet Explorer. Also, you may wish to uninstall any currently installed versions of Internet Explorer, and update to the latest version. Also This error is given when you are using a pirated version of Jedi Academy or a NO-CD crack.
  8. What you mean? JO sj = JA sj, there is no difference. And siege movement = single player movement. JA is a good RPGFPS.
  9. Anyone knows this is? Looks promising. http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=875436334171319466&q=jediknight+dark edit: googled out, it's Star Wars: Force Unleashed for gay consoles, so I don't care anyway.
  10. Commando Gen. Kirby: Leave anything for us? Matrix: Just bodies. ...
  11. I hope it includes "Let off some steam, Bennett."
  12. Forgot to mention 1 GB RAM would be good. Also hyperthreading or dual core can provide a performance boost. I don't care about SP since devs started to screw up the movement for some reason. I already hated that in JO and JA. I prefer the MP movement in SP just like in q, q2, jk for instace. I dunno about AvP and Unreal, but indeed D3/Q4 SP is boring as hell, not only because of the lame movement. The story is q2like the gameplay a pain in the ass. Q4 multiplayer mode is ok now. Fortunately the movement is Q3like and also features sliding and ramp jumping. With the 1.3 id/raven managed it to improved multiplayer alot. Also they added a load of maps and one new weapon. Some peeps whine it's too much Q3, others say that it's not enough Q3. Maybe most are just pissed off cause the game requires more hwpower than they can affort.
  13. http://speeddemosarchive.com/demo.pl?JediKnightDF2_3403 JK speed run from 2004. Bad quality, but entertaining.
  14. D3/Q4 has no water physics and swim animations at all. There are two jumppads and stairs to get out. To run the game you'll need a 2 GHz machine at least. I could run it with a 64 MB Nvidia gcard.
  15. There's also a hl2 version, lol. I also made a conversion of CO for JO and JA +water. Actually the q4 map is based on the JO/JA map file, so I didn't have to rebuild the whole thing. http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Hollow/8628/files/jk2maps/ http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Hollow/8628/files/jk2mods/ Never really finished them, that's why I've never released them.
  16. me clicking Find internet games in the JK Folder. Qt says:Connecting to Qtracker Master Qt says: Finished refreshing Result: o.oo Games. The jk zone rooms are still up btw, but empty.
  17. The game is dead. But there's some dude running a "dedicated" server with two instances. http://narshaddaa.net/ You can connect via TCP/IP to jk.servegame.com or Or you can find games via irc.holonet.org #nar
  18. Hmm, there's only one patch for jk and it does nothing but fixing issues with some joysticks and voodoo2 cards. I've never installed it.
  19. I doubt that LucasArts has ever released any core source code of their games. What games are you refering to? Ballblazer, Koronis Rift or Eidolon? Lol. We are talking about Luca$Arts and not idsoftware, right? So you have to pay a $hitload of money if you want to see any sources.
  20. Lol, I can even run it on a windows 2003 server.
  21. If you'll reread my previous message you might find the information you are looking for.
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