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  1. Exactly. Your measuring fun as one thing. A freeware game perhaps is not as fun as a game that you pay money for, so the efficency rate is thrown off. Let's put it out like this: A freeware game, since it is free, only allows you to get .1 "FUN" per hour. So, it takes you longer to get maximum efficency.
  2. Why is that Americans love to kill each other? I'd been aware of the huge difference of homocides in countries and the US, but I watched Bowling for Columbine, and it really put things in perspective. Michael Moore pointed to the media, and that's the only thing that I can think of. Is it the media? Is it the fact that Americans live in fear? What do you think?
  3. I've always wondered why people think that Bush is a bad president. I was too young to really care about any of this in his first term, and I'm just curious why everyone seems to hate him. For the record, I'm not a Bush supporter/hater. I don't know anything about what he's done to lean towards one way or another. So where does the hatred come from?
  4. I think the difference between antibiotics and gene therapy is that antibiotics is a temporary solution. When you decide if someone should get a disease or not, rather than just curing the disease, its just not right. I was using an analogy.
  5. The idea of modifying your genes, is to me, terrifying. When you strap on Alec Baldwin's pants and become God, your messing with the natural order of things. This seems more inhumane then abortion. Rather than killing a baby, your making it perfect. Is that such a favorable outcome? The imperfections of our lives is what makes us... us. When you take away what makes us humans, then what are we? The idea of a super race is insane. It's euthanasia to the greatest extent. You're becoming Hitler minded when you start to think like that. You would, essentially, kill off everyone else who wasn't a "super baby." Maybe not directly, but you would begin to kill off everyone who wasn't part of your regime. Let's say that all of the sudden, every single baby born tomorrow (and after that) had the ability to fly. Natural selection would have them survive, and the normal people die, in all likelihood. Not to mention the mental effect it would have on the people who didn't have wings. If you didn't have wings, you would be inferior. And, even worse, you would know you were inferior. You might say that the people who are poor are inferior to the rich. But the reason we never beat ourselves up over that is because we always believe that we will become rich. We all have the idea that one day we will become rich; be it through your job, retirement, the lottery, etc. But if you were born without wings and you saw someone with them, and you knew that you would never have them, depression would be inevitable, insanity a not-so far out possibility.
  6. Future Shock is in effect today, with the elderly, like John Galt said. But the question is whether or not you'd be able to adapt. You have to either change or stay, and when society is changing, that would be the smarter step. So, Future Shock is a choice.
  7. Yes it was. I think that Jae was pointing out the fact that she was more focused on the commercial then the product it was pushing. As far as sex selling, of course it does. Why do you think all movie stars are hot? People would rather watch hot people act out a movie then ugly people. That's a fact. Would I be more willing to buy a product that's got Hillary Duff in a bikini then say a normal person? Yes. And I proudly admit that.
  8. I was just playing Company of Heroes, and I was thinking about this being ported to real-time strategy games. That would be freakin' awesome. Imagine your soldiers would actually flank and shoot the people that they should like you want them too! Awh, a geek's wet dream.
  9. I know, and I'm sure that when cars were first invented, some people hated them. I'm just one of them.
  10. *breaking news* He did! Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he admit to taking steroids, but unknowingly? Someone said it earlier in this thread.
  11. Yeesh, you were right a little depressing But, overall, a good story, though I felt like I knew what was happening. BTW, I love the song Such Great Heights too
  12. Is anyone else terrified of this? I'm split two ways on this. I think that it's awesome, but the capabilities this shows makes me scared. Imagine if they spread this into the consumer world, and someone finds out that metal is a conduct for electricity and that locks are made of metal. So they find some way to hook it up to locks, and with a flick of their brain, can easily get into your house. Something just doesn't smell right with this product. I'll be hesitant to buy this.
  13. That was awesome! I love it when Scorpion is shooting thousands of his little "Get over here!" thingys, and Ryu goes Matrix on his ass.
  14. Yes, even as an American, I've always found this confusing. And that they call the winners of the NFL or NBA "world" champions.
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