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  1. Thats cause you zoomed in on the wrong planet, happens all the time.
  2. None of this seems to be on-topic..... I give upon thee!
  3. The Consortiuum was quite fun to play as, but they still seem a bit........overpowered.....and i hate how the demos replay value is nil.
  4. I know that, but factories of any size take up quite a bit of space, and something that small would NEVER be able to hold one.
  5. *kicks Petroglyph for murdering canon again* Its not that small damnit!
  6. *rolls eyes* Mon Cal shielding isnt that great, the Empire has much more advanced and powerful shields. The Mon Calamari however, equip most of their ships with tons of redundant wiring and generators, so their shield generators dont give out as fast, allowing them to recharge their shields after they've been taken out, even if they've taken quite a bit of damage to their shield generator.
  7. It could be a placeholder for a hero........
  8. They've already stated that the Boba Feet icons were just placeholders because they didnt have/didnt want to show the right icons.
  9. hmmm. Either the people on G4 are smoking even more crack, or all the other games really sucked...
  10. As someone said before, they got in so close that the ISDs could only bring a few weapons to bear out of fear of hitting another ISD. Plus, Capital ships are VERY resistant. Even against a ship that is far superior to it. And Mon Calamari Cruisers were renowned for there resistance to dying.
  11. We arent talking about atmospheric flight. They are quite bad in the atmosphere, but in space they are almost unmatched in Speed, Maneuverability, and Pilot skill.
  12. They sure havent so far, so its certainly a possibility. Besides, no one ever said that there was only one. Why only have one, when you have enough resources to build millions?
  13. Did it ever occur to you that thats how its SUPPOSED to be? The Rebellion was a absolutly tiny faction, taking on a organization that spanned the entire galaxy. An organization that focused on its military might, and that had had many years to build its forces. And TIE Fighters were FAST, the only ships faster were TIE Intercepters, Defenders, and A-Wings. They were certainly faster than X-Wing, even with their S-Foils closed. The Empire had superior weapons, better ships, much better training, better pilots, fighters that had waay more speed and maneuverability, and an entire galaxys worth of resources to draw on. The largest ships the Rebellion had were Mon Calamari Star Cruisers, and even those required an advantage of at least 2 to 1 to win against and Imperial Star Destroyer. Plus, Mon Cal ships were much fewer and harder to obtain than ISDs.
  14. Watch Return of the Jedi. One of the scenes has an Executor and ISD lined up perfectly, allowing for size comparison. The Executor is exactly 11 ISDs long, or 17.6km.
  15. You mean when he was commanding the Grey Wolf, and fighting Zaarin?
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