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  1. Id give Multiplayer a 2/10 just because the actual playing is fun, although AUto-Resolve sucks it always makes me lose against Multi Pirates
  2. I can play but it wont allow more than 2 players to play a game, not to mention you cant see who is in a Game so if you want someone to join you have to post the exact details of the match.
  3. Me and a friend were doing that with Vader and Obi-Wan, Vader owns Obi-Wans unless you use his abilities right. The first duel i lost, the second i beat Vader with Obi-Wan. Also when their in a battle you cant fire on either with any infantry around.
  4. Or if your in space, bring it to and area that isnt covered in red, this is usually line of site with your units.
  5. No im talking about how if you start a game with more than 2 players it wont load and sits there until someone quits.
  6. Do you have v1.2 patch, it fixes most of the Multi issues. Although it does seem Gamespy cant support anything more than 1v1.
  7. I have done that, along with turning every thing in that folder on in off, in different combinations. It doesnt work just like i said in my last post that you somehow didnt understand.
  8. C:Documents and Settings\You user name\Application Data\Petroglyph\Star Wars Empire at War
  9. If they hadnt used Gamespy the game would be perfect
  10. It works for me, get a batch converter and convert it to BMP
  11. Its the filetype, get a converter and the converted image will look fine
  12. Turning upnp on does absolutly nothing, in fact before i turned it on i was playing a Multiplayer game. Then i got the issue and havnt been ablr to play, and messing with the upnp hasnt herlped a single bit.
  13. Its the Campaign type map, its actually a 1v1 Galactic Conquest
  14. There are circular stations in the map, just send a TIE or something over there to capture it then choose which one to build like a Build Pad
  15. Ive seen them in Campaign, held a planet with just Darth Vader and two Missle Platforms against multiple waves
  16. When enough of your company is killed it is dead after the battle ends. Because you did not have any units on the ground you could not capture it so they kept it
  17. I still say your all blind, they look completly different to me.
  18. Also, in X-Wing "Isards Revenge" a squadron of X-Wings destroyed 4 AT-ATs with only their laser cannons and implied that a single Proton Torpedo could have finished each. You have to remember that at Hoth the rebels only had very outdated weapons for their Snowspeeders and defenses, the only notable defence they had was the Ion Cannon.
  19. Have you watched it? The only stormtroopers are on the ground . Its pretty cool though, the space part is very inspiring
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