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    We dont go to Ravenholm
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    Saving the poor, killing all the guards of Tamriel, closing the gates to oblivion, being the grand Champion of Cyrodil, Beat that BIll Cosby!
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  1. So is there only like 3 armos for one class like the warrior or is there more? Also what do they look like?
  2. Whats the armor, weapons like? And are do you get gang raped if your a noob and you go out of the villages by High levels?
  3. I can't decide on which one I want. I like both games from what i've read and seen. But I havn't really seen the first Guild wars. I know one is an asian type of surrounding and I think one is a european medival type. Which one is better in your opinion Guild wars or Guild wars Factions? Also if you have played the game could you please put whats in the game you've played and how its better than the other?
  4. How do I play on a private server? I downloaded the game. But I don't have the serial code for the game.
  5. Has anyone played this game. I'm thinking about getting it, but I first want to hear some opinions about it. Also, if you have played this game, do you have to play live to get your character up to a high level? Do you have to pay constantly for this game? And does it let you do what you want like Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion?
  6. If he thinks it looks bad then it looks bad to him. Whether its all we can make or not it still looks bad dont have pitty for a mod.
  7. i asked for that about 4 months ago, and the answer was no. Im guessing u want a 100 on 100 npc battle. Well, the game would get really laggy( it would be a crapy slide show)or i call it shatner powers. but there is the combat simulator but the most amount of npcs is like 12.
  8. i have made some skin for the ubese clan that suppose to be Master Cheif my avatar.(to me its crapy) http://photobucket.com/albums/b379/axle_/?action=view&current=swkotor22006-02-0922-29-56-96.jpg Needs some work.
  9. If thats possible, then isnt making the mandalorian head being able to put it on as a mask?
  10. those damn guns crashed my Elder scrolls Morrowind.
  11. why not just use the kse, or make a robe that turns u into a jawa?
  12. do they have mandalorians in them?
  13. I cant seem to find it. Its not at Pcgamemods. I looked at kittykitty's thread of list of tool and downloads, and its not there either. Can Someone help me out?
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