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  1. El mojon has the right solution. I would add that it helps to stay on the inside of the last three fences.
  2. I have beat this game twice. On the second runthrough, I thought, "wow, I'd like to see the bonus movie", so I worked hours (literally) finding all those X*%^ figments to get to rank 100. So here, I beat the final battle, blah blah blah, and watch the end movie where I get my Psychonaut suit, then the credits, then (oh, boy, here it comes, thought I)....nothing! No way to save, no "bonus movie", no nothing...what gives??? (I know about the bink viewer, but it would be nice to get my "reward" in the game--I did hunt down every last figment, after all!). When I went back in with "continue" button, there was the meat cleaver battle staring at me all over again--no other noticeable changes. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  3. (spoilers) I play on XBOX and have noticed a few glitches such as you describe--getting stuck in places in the game and having a hard time getting unstuck. The major glitch I found in my game was on my second runthrough--somehow, when I had started sasha's shooting gallery, the game got stuck where I couldn't boost the level of censors produced. I tried every trick in the book to unlock the machine that allows you to boost up the censor level (to 6+) (punching the machine and Sasha in frustration, was fun, btw). Anyway, I went about psi blasting the censors with total boredom on level one until the game gave me a message that I had killed all the censors possible at this level and told me to boost the level; at this point, the censor cranker stopped producing new censors. When I tried to talk to Sasha, he just told me to stop fooling around and go "blast him" (there was nobody to blast! This is where I got mad and punched Sasha a few times). This was frustrating. I stopped, went out and came back in, with no different results. This glitch was weird--the only way I could resolve it was to start the game over entirely. I'm not sure what I did that produced the glitch, but on my third runthrough, it went as expected. The only thing I figured I might have done to cause it was maybe getting further along in rank (by collecting psi cards, arrowheads, etc.) than I was supposed to be at this level of the game.
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