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  1. Alright, here goes another! Big credits go to Kyle_K_ski, who originally designed and described this ship. Bridging the design gap between the Acclamator and the Venator, the massive Valiant translates its focus from a mere troop ship or carrier to the actual role of an offensive combat vessel Slightly larger than the Venator its firepower clearly excedes that of the Attack Cruiser. As always, you can download the Valiant at your local X-Wing HQ Here are some more screens!
  2. Fooling around .... And the first texture, yay!
  3. Time to bring some life into my ships... t was about time. Finally I've added a pilot to both the Black Scorpion 1 and 2 Exteriors. You can now enjoy gorgeous pilot ace Mryna Qhalic at the helm of this deadly vessel. Like always, you can get this update at an X-Wing HQ near you!
  4. This one is for all of you super star destroyer lovers! The Dominance Battlecruiser, like the Warhammer, is one of the oldest models I have (although massively upgraded through the years), which makes me very pleased to have completed this one after all the time. The huge Dominance-Class Battlecruiser, like the Warhammer, is the product of collaboration between the Corellian Empire and the ESS. Designed and constructed shortly after the foundation of the ESS it takes design elements of classical imperial ships like the old Vengeance- and Venator-class combined with high-end ESS weapons and shield technology. These elements make it the ultimate next generation warship combining the roles of command ship, carrier and destroyer. As usual you can download this OPT and get more information at your local X-Wing HQ Now for some screenies!
  5. The Warhammer-Class Heavy Cruiser introduces a new generation of heavy warships that make the link between normal and super-heavy battleships almost six kilometers in length the Warhammer is superior to any common destroyers and cruisers, while state-of-the-art propulsion systems enable it to easily outmaneuver super-class ships. The warhammer has its origins in a collaboration project by Kuat Drive Yards and starship developers of the Empire of the Seven Suns and finally joined the ESS forces. Length: 5.59 km Speed: 29 MGLT Shield Rating: 46000 SBD Hull Rating: 41712 RU Weaponry: - 240 heavy turbolasers - 120 medium dual turbolasers - 4 Omega arrays - 80 Ion Cannons - 26 tractor beam projectors Like allways, you can download this one from your local X-Wing HQ Now for some more drool stimulants.... [ 09 October 2006: Message edited by: General_Trageton ]
  6. Here we go! While this ship is not (yet) official part of the Blue Phantom Project, but still it has become part of the TBPP universe through multiple battle threads over at the XWA Upgrade boards. An old sketch, which I had originally drawn for a Dhilani troop transport, would step up as the design for this heavy battle cruiser. Info: The Inferno II started off as a unique ship, being the new flagship of UPMF Supreme Commander Ray Firkis, after his prior ship, the Inferno, had been destroyed during the Battle over Khetaris in 2531. This cruiser carried on with the successfull broadside layout of her predecessor, while also expanding on the ground of armor improovements and forward/rear weaponry. Along with the general armor overhaul, the hangar bays have been moved away from their exposed lateral position into a ventral bay the Inferno II that offers far more protection from enemy fire. Weapon-wise the Inferno II carries a series of very heavy quad DIP batteries that can each deliver more than twice the firepower of the old Inferno's large dual turrets. Also, while on the prdecessor the numerous defensive weapon emplacements often suffered from their rather exposed placement, the Inferno II's flak batteries are integrated into the main hull, covered by heavy armor plating to allow a greater deal of security for both weapons and personell. Along with the Inferno II 3 more cruisers of this class were built. Two of these were eventually reported missing in action and were not cared about any further. Surprisingly, a few years later, eye-whitnesses claim to have spotted several Inferno II-class ships in a group of battleships under the banner of the Empire of the Seven Suns… Length: 1.07 km Speed: 40 MGLT Shield Rating: 7296 SBD Hull Rating: 6800 RU Weaponry: - 16 heavy Quad DIP Batteries (4 fore, 4 rear, 8 broadside) - 20 Point defense cannons Like allways you can get this baby from your local X-Wing HQ Got screens? Sure thing!
  7. ...who turned 74 today! Another new release, yay! Here we go with the UPMF Hangar! One more OPT done for the Blue Phantom Project. The UPMF-style hangar will replace the default or upgrdaed Calamari Hangar and add a bit more of a TBPP feeling to the game. Enjoy! You can download this spacy OPT from your local X-Wing HQ And now for some screens....
  8. There's one on Darksaber's X-Wing Station, XWA PE lets you edit pretty much everything about your pilot stats.
  9. So, what does that mean? Time for some new OPTs! And this time I present you not one but FOUR OPTs at a time. OK, admittedly, they're rather similar, but it's the little differences that make life interesting, right? So... Two revisions and two new releases is what I have here. By now most people know the BRX-700 Combat Yacht and Vince Trageton's notorious Barracuda, a heavily modified version of the stock BRX-700. After those two were released I had decided pretty soon that they needed to be redone, needed a cockpit and more detail. So I started reworking them. In the process of reworking the ships - and in the course of several Battle Threads a new ship found my intenrest, the Black Scorpion. With some more head-twisting hours of conceptioning I finally had the perfect background. Like Vasudra and Otana in original XWA were the player's personal ships, the Black Scorpion is the property of official TBP player character Mryna Qhalic. To make things more interesting - and justify some rather exotic design ideas I whipped together the 'Scorpion' will go through different levels of 'upgrades'. Starting as a stock Combat Yacht you will go through these levels as the ship becomes stronger through the game. Like always you can get all of these at your local X-Wing HQ OK, now here's some cockpit views.... BRX-700 Barracuda Black Scorpion
  10. As far as I know nobody has made such a pack yet. Interesting idea though. Basically no problem from a technical view.
  11. Sorry if anybody thought this was a tutorial or something The Dhilani Warbird is available for download - after less than 48 hours! Whew, that went faster than I thought! Well, then who am I to complain?!? Sooo ... rant: the Dhilani Warbird is the primary killing machine within the Dhilani armada, a warship designed for a single purpose: destruction. Like always you can get this OPT from your local X-Wing HQ! Want piccies?
  12. No problem, the URL's by far not as 'common' as the main page link but since I see the TBP site as a stand-alone page, it could as well be linked to directly. BTW, I'll have something hot 'n fresh for you guys soon
  13. hmmmm, I just noticed, Wildstar, for the Blue Phantom Project, you have linked to the VXHQ main page. The project has an extra link that takes you directly to the TBP site, which is http://project.bluephantom.de. Any chance you can update that entry some time?
  14. Hehe, well, since it isn't exaclty my own stuff this time, I guess I can grant you this one As for a teaser
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