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  1. Perfect! Thanks OzzieMonkey. Guess I have some more exploring to do...
  2. Alright - I give. It's been about a week on this one thing and I need a hint - but I'm worried about looking up anything because I don't want any actual details. If anyone either knows Zak well - or doesn't mind looking up the answer for me and letting me know if I'm on the right track ... I would be eternally grateful. Spoiler, just because I've done this to myself: I did a test run of a couple of maze areas and found my way in / out without much issue .... and without actually making a map. So far, I have learned that my pen/paper map-making skills are incredibly rusty. But, my absurd logic seems still in tact - so I guess I have that going for me.
  3. Nice! That shirt is really fun! I definitely feel you on having lost things in various moves. Most of my favourite swag is gone after moving 7 times in 10 years. Looking forward to seeing those sketches! I tried to look back and see if there was an old thread and all I saw was one where people mentioned these things...I can do another scan later and link it here. I didn't want to add this to the actual LEC collection thread - since I feel like a bunch of the stuff people might have are unofficial items. Also, maybe someone can refresh my memory...did Mojo ever have a store?
  4. In my quest for something specific (an image of the official MI sweatshirt mentioned here ), I accidentally stumbled upon this monstrosity and you are the only folks I know that will understand how much I don't like it. Here's the image for those who don't want to view the link: I'm definitely not a fan of whatever this is. So instead - Let's take the opportunity to see ACTUAL cool Mojo-related merch. Post your pics or links. P.S. @Jake did you actually get one of those official sweatshirts? Can we see a pic if you still have it?
  5. Good to know! I'm familiar with "Save Early, Save Often" (I came up with Sierra and LucasArts side-by-side), and I expected it to have some dead-ends but I'll keep more on top of it now that you both say that. Also, thanks for the heads-up about mazes. I will make sure to have a lot of pencil/paper at the ready too. I'm looking forward to doing this "the old fashioned way". Bit of an attempt to jumpstart that part of my brain towards creative problem-solving.
  6. I've decided to finally play through Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. This will be my first time ever playing. I'm feeling a bit rusty at adventuring and honestly don't know much about the game. I'm mostly just hoping I can do it without a walk-through - even if it will take me a long time. Just wondered if there were any specific tips or things I need to know before this endeavour? But please no spoilers! [Or use the spoiler tag, I'll happily read them after I finish.] And yes, I know there's a review and feature on Mojo about it - I haven't read them and I'm not going to until I finish. I want to be genuinely surprised. I've always gotten the impression that Zak is not really well-liked. Or like it's the weird cousin who shows up at the family reunion. Am I wrong?
  7. I think the VR market is ever expanding, especially as more systems are released and prices decrease for the hardware. A friend who has an HTC Vive had over 200 games for it last time I saw him (sometime last summer). And I know the PSVR received a lot of praise at one point. But I find it really interesting that within this thread there's already 4 of us that won't be playing this release because it's VR. I don't know about you lot but for me it's more of a medical reason rather than access to a system. While this may alienate some die-hard fans (like us), it might open up the series to a new audience. With fewer VR options maybe more people will try the S+M release just to get another game for their system?
  8. OK, now having watched the extended trailer a few times... Some general thoughts: It seems you'll be playing as a 3rd party joining the Freelance Police as a cadet recruit. So, not controlling them, but interacting with them. I think this lends itself well to S+M with their regular breaking of the 4th wall and the (sometimes?) unpredictable nature of how they might interpret your action requests (I'm thinking back to HtR with the dialogue being symbols rather than word-for-word line reads). Plus, why would anyone want to only play as either Sam or Max when you can get to see their buddy-cop interactions. I'm curious about whether it's going to be a full-length game or rather more of a mini? Many of the VR games I'm familiar with are more like shorter experiences. Curious - and maybe it's just my memory - but it sounds like they did get the same voice actor for Sam but Max sounds...different? Thoughts?
  9. Yikes, poorly written copy, but interesting idea. I feel like there's always been a desire in S&M for the VR experience. Sadly, I'm not able to play VR so I guess this one won't be for me. Also, found the trailer: https://www.ign.com/videos/sam-and-max-gamescom-reveal-teaser
  10. THANK YOU! This literally happened to me last night. I was too exhausted to look into a work around. Incredible timing.
  11. It's how I received it as a child. I didn't realize until MUCH later in life that they didn't all come like that!
  12. Great collection! Especially love seeing that MM box. I was thinking about this the other day. I know most of my boxes are gone, but I think my DOTT triangle box might still be in my parents' basement.
  13. There's an automatic trigger of the newspapers: One always appears when speaking with Dr. Fred in the lab: Bernard: "We HAVE to do something!" Fred: "What do you suggest College boy?... " Bernard: "How about catching Purple Tentacle?" Fred: "He's long gone, probably taking over the world as we speak. " <Newspaper appears> Fred: "Soon we'll all be speaking - well, English I guess." I assumed this was written directly into that part of the dialogue. I have hit and miss luck with the others, I've been playing with to see if they trigger, but this time they seemed not to work at all. So I thought they might be the trigger but only after a certain amount of progress and/or the passage of time. I regularly seemed to have been able to trigger a newspaper when speaking with Green Tentacle in his room, but only after having the following conversation about Purple: Bernard: What do you suppose purple's up to now? Green responds something about how Purple wants to take over the world. So I figure he's up to something devious. Bernard: (Three Options : cryogenic experiments on lab animals, designing a miniaturization ray, pushing old ladies down the stairs) Green: I wouldn't doubt it but I was thinking more along the lines of Politics! Bernard: Wanna help me save the world? Green: I'm afraid to leave the room, in fact I don't think I can move from this spot. Purple scares the daylights out of me. I also have previously triggered a newspaper after speaking with Dead Cousin Ted in the front yard: Bernard: "Purple Tentacle's probably taking over the planet by now." EDIT: Just tried the Green conversation again, it worked when I reversed the order and ended the conversation immediately after Green indicated POLITICS. Then left room and newspaper came up.
  14. I'm not 100% that it's Rush, but there are a few things that made me think it could be: - He was already nationally popular by the early '90s - He's often been characterized with small facial features on a larger head (esp if you look up photos of him circa 1990) - The writing definitely says "RUSH" but the second part is throwing me. It could be RID4 or BID4...It could even be RIDE... or it could be nothing? I thought at first maybe it was supposed to read "BUSH" for HW, but he was never a big guy so I crossed that off my list.
  15. Thanks, @Bennyboy! Very glad to know I caught them all this go through. The Rush reference isn't in the text it's the visual of the man in the "Humans Now Slaves" paper. I'm very curious as to why it would be him featured here.
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