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  1. Wich new heroes are their in SWGBG Clone Campaigns Because i can buy the package SWGBG 1 &CC but wich new heroes and vehicles?
  2. But can you perm unlock hero's?
  3. I was Reffering to the point of the force being everywhere and that shields doesnt block it.
  4. Rebels Rebels Rock They have great ships And a Uberrocking.... No great fighters for the rest Republic all the way
  5. Well the ROTS game you could 'throw' the Droideka's pick them up and push them away so....
  6. So let's get this straight.. in IA you cant right away be a jedi without time @ stuff? and be it constantly?
  7. Lol no but i think its fake ass when they just start hitting eachother like hooligans ....so thats why i asked it i have JKA and its awesome but i just wanted to know if it looked cool
  8. Can someone if he likes to do it make a movie for me with a jedi deflecting blastershots and a jedi vs jedi battle
  9. Can you fly them? guess we get the game 16 nov
  10. lol But can you constantly play jedi (i amfrom holland so my language isnt all too best
  11. LMAO you guys now know if you are able to play consecutely (good word?) Jedi in IA?
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