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    Im weird......... and i like star wars lol
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    Sith Lord
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  1. I'd like to visit dagobah, courascant, and kamino but kamino would kinda be like mannaan so..... hmm yavin 4 definitly
  2. i think u should hav a yoda species character
  3. Which is ur fav? Kotor1 or Kotor 2? personally i like both
  4. always 100% light but sometimes i play the game on the darkside, complete it on the dark side and then complete the game when on lightside. but mostly its the lightside i comeplete first
  5. ok no problem, it will have to be tomorrow though cuz he's been on holiday and he's comin back then
  6. Marvid Chano= Jedi Master Owen Star= Bounty Hunter
  7. yea my dad had kinda the same problem cuz he had his card nicked and then i found out theres no gamecards but i had the game already. and i was just waitin for a moth for his card to arrive so i could play the game lol...............
  8. u can stop being a jedi cuz i am a jedi master and my mate used to be 1 but he quit being a jedi
  9. i read it and its $14.99 so in england where i am thats about........ (thinks) (calculates in head) its about 12.00 in uk (oh and i cant put pound sign in on my keyboard cuz it went all funny and i cant use it anymore) :l
  10. Are you going to buy the new expansion. star wars galaxies: the trials of obi wan? Just wonderin how many ppl r gonna lol Edit Taos ~ Updated title
  11. I might check it out. when im not playing SW Galaxies
  12. its registered to fly now though
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