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  1. Sadly I can't download AniCamB3 because the whole of PCGM is down. I mean, I can't even get it even with the link provided. Could someone send me AniCamB3 please? Forget the email. Edit- Hey. I haven't been here a while take a fricken chill pill. Besides, I just pm'd him earlier. So jeeze. Don't have to get in my face about it.
  2. Wow, that guy needs an attitude adjustment and a respect for the law. Granted, those models look good in-game, but if he wants to be an ass and wants to tempt his fate by going against the law.. well, I won't stop him. It's him that obviously wants to go to court.
  3. May be a month old, but, the file was removed. So it directs you to the front page.
  4. This Jedi Pack is finished, I'll send you a link to it through PM. Well, actually there's still some stuff needing work on, but it's finished enough to be out and about.
  5. Ah TIGHT! And indeed, even though he's in the Zelda universe, he'd make a great sith lord (as stated on that forum link)
  6. Uhh...that was practically a year ago...two years I mean. :S
  7. yes it does. I love the Black Sun trooper especially. I loved this game on N64. I want to play on Gall so freakin bad. lol
  8. I hope, Buffy, I hope.
  9. *has heart attack* Woah Cuillere, when did you get back?! lol Awesome dude.
  10. Ooohooooo, you just wait, it will. Muhahahahaha. ^_^
  11. lol Omee, must've been some experience... lol Oh, if you need to speak with me on MSN, I'm on right now unless you can't come on to msn at the moment.
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