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  1. Uhm, if you guys keep complaining about CPs being taken too fast, and no skill/strategy used whatsoever, join a clan, and join a Passworded room with only them. You learn that the game becomes more fun without these n00by chipmunks. Pucker up, because you bought this game, and nobody told you to.
  2. Having GC for online mode would not work out, period. Who would choose where to go, what to buy, and who get's to use a Jedi in the beginning if chosen for a bonus (Before your first spawn, move your cursor left, and the Jedi will be waiting for you to use him/her before actually opening it). And for more point to the game, Hunt, Jedi Assault, Space Assault, and Capture the Flag have been added. You are not forced to play conquest. And a special planetary bonus? Sounds good, but wouldn't work for the opposing team. If the Death Star's beam destroyed a planet, and their fleet was where Hoth is, and Mygeeto was destroyed, the Rebels are much farther away from a planet, and have a less chance of getting to a planet in time. And say their fleet was destroyed, and they owned only 2 other planets, but they were too far away from other planet's, due to the Death Star. That almost guarantee's the Empire a victory. Nice try though. I liked the game. Heroes and villains fit in nicely because this time, you can kill them without a breath, but you still must be weary. People who complain about Jedi either are not good with them, or do not know how to kill them. Get used to it, either learn, or quit playing. Complaining to US won't do a thing. Contact LucasArts, or Pandemic. Even then, a major chance is you'll lose. Jedi even have their own game. Too bad it's only 1 level, otherwise, the game might have something interesting to tinker with. Imagine, Luke, Vader, Solo, Leia, Chewie, all on Hoth, Fighting each other on the vast snow fields. Hunt was a let down. I expected something a little better. Obviosly there are 100% winners and 100% losers. Wampas vs Rebels WAMPA's win. Ewoks vs Scouts EWOKs win. Gungans vs SBD CIS win. Geonosians vs Sharpshooter Sharpshooters win. Jawas vs Tuskens JAWAs generally win. I've played it over and over, and those chosen team's usually have a clear advantage. Either overpowered, or camaflouge.
  3. Hm... by any chance do you have Online? Because, snipers are the least used unit in the game. And sniping can only take you so far. You get little amount of kills compared to a Soldier class.
  4. Okay, did anyone relate some minuses and pluses to units, due to online play? If you have played online, you'd know in BF I, that all Rebel Rocketers have 2 shots per cannon and 10 ammo. In the halls of Bespin Cloud City, let's say it's not the first thing you want to be killed by as soon as you spawn. They reduced splash damage becasue of maximum pwnage from rocket-ho's. Also, they added a limited amount of units because you would literally see only rocket ho's or Recon Droid ho's. If you hate the Engineer in this game, obviously you aren't effective at taking units down right. A simple blaster cannon shot can kill a unit instantly, and if used at good distance, a detpack owns a crowd of enemies. And health and ammo?! I call him the glory unit. If a unit is going to be hated, it's most likely to be the Droideka, Jedi, or the Clone Commander. Otherwise, every other unit is quite manageable, you guys just might need to warm up to them. Play Elite, and get used to it. If you think the mines are useless, try using them at CP #3 on Polis Massa...
  5. Because an R5 droid doesn't heal creatures, just vehicles. Although a Taun-Taun, and even a turret, is considered a vehicle, you cannot heal them via droids. Although you can fix turrets with a fusion cutter.
  6. Jedi are great and dandy, but to an extent. What's more obvious... Luke Skywalker running around with his green lightsaber, or Han Solo, in his casual clothing with a blaster? Han blends in more-so than a regular Jedi. Obviously, people are Jedi-hoe's. Learn how to use blaster-type heroes. If you can throw (literally) a detpack like 20 units away, you're set. I've done it easily. Look up, move forward, throw, and back away quickly, detonate. Voila! A kill from far away. Also, Han has his 1 hit kill blaster. Yes, one hit. If you can't do it, you're not a very good aimer. Also, these guys have things such as Invulnerability, rage, or a recon droid. Get used to it. If Lando does come out, don't expect him to rock out every Jedi/Unit in the game. He'll probably pretty darn similar to Han than anyone else.
  7. Try this. If you buy a Hero for the bouns, you are able to play as him when you first spawn. Also try using the block button so you do not deplete so fast. If you have AI taking a CP and you're there with them, run off and kill some units. Try getting used to the Engineer class, the Detpack and health and cannon are quite useful at times.
  8. If you can actually throw, not toss a detpack, you'll see why Heroes : Han Solo, Luke Skywalker Villians : Boba Fett, Grevious, Anakin Skywalker Han Solo ---> Detpack thrower extravaganza! Luke ---> Sheer Awesome Green Lightsaber Boba Fett ---> Flies away when getting force pulled or pushed Grevious ---> Maybe he can't jump, but his attacks are great especially rage Anakin ---> Quick, nice dash attack, and his force choke dicipates any heroes
  9. ...When you go the long way around a corner or street because you think mines are placed on the other side ....When you don't see Luke running around (Mark Hamill) you assume Heroes are turned off ... When you get a bowcaster toy, and a fake time bomb, and think you are a Wookiee Smuggler.
  10. ... When you see someone in a paintball game and go for only headshots and think it will kill them ... When you think you 'Heal' Vehicles by a short twirling white bot ... When you think people will blow up because of a paper ball but in your imagination it's a thermal. ... When you got to Saudi Arabia and think Tusken's hide in tents are watching you. ... You go into Iraq with a gun and go kamikaze, expecting you'll respawn at the main base back at the United States ... When you think a tank is a mobile command post and people will appear from nowhere near it.
  11. That you get sniped anywhere in the body and expect to live until another round is fired. When you see a tall, prong like device and think it will make you live longer.
  12. I've had a couple of theories too. My friend said, maybe you get more units on the field at the same time. But apparently not. So then, playing Geonosis, the Sepratists boosted from 23 to 53. I was a little confused, but in the end we won. Secondary reinforcments is tough to understand but this is it. When you have at least 2 CP's or more, and you are losing by maybe 20-30 tickets, your count will go 20 or 10 above your enemies. It's really odd to explain, but it gives a hint in the manual by saying that if you have 2 command posts, reinforcments can still join.
  13. Name on site:Xtermanator Name in game:Xtermanator platform(s):PS2 Position(s) you want to play: Heavy Weapons, Ground Medic Contact info: PM or cloudstrife98@hotmail.com extra info: I play this game a lot. I lose rarely on any level. Good in any faction. Helps go behind enemy lines to prevent vehicular spawns.
  14. I have never had it happen in your scenario, but if I am infront of a vehicle (enemy) and I am any unit attacking it, if I get hit pretty hard, my shoulders or weapon will stay in a spot and I will fly off. It is usually when two things are moving at a high pace and then one stops and goes flying in another direction.
  15. Grapple Droids aren't in Battlefront. CIS can be a tough faction to beat and play as. My advice would be try the Droid Pilot on every CW Era accessible level and try to master timing with droidekas. If you pull of this technique, your droidekas shield should stay up for x2 the amount it should. When you've killed most of your opponents w/ shield up, still stand and put down your shield. If you at full when taking on enemies, don't pull the shield up until needed. If your shield is gone and you have lots of enemies infront of you, curl up and hide behing something. Now if you still have problems, master the level Kashyyyk : Islands. If you win there 2 or more times, you are ready for just about every level.
  16. Well, what I really meant for this thread to be about is, seeing certain units always ranking near the bottom. For the Empire, there is an infamous PG 134, and Rebelion has the Farelle's, Pulastra's, and Ulrand's, and an awkward Giz Gunnar.
  17. Your topic only seems to be based on 2 of the 4 factions. If you want fav. tactics, try with ALL of them. Play Galactic Conquest in the period where you only get to choose 1 faction. At the beginning you'll probably have only 1 or 2 planets in possesion. But to keep on topic, I do this Empire : Target Wookiees, Pilots, Vanguards Rebels : Snipers, Vader, or get around 14 vehicles destroyed CIS : Take Jet Troopers, Pilots, AT-TE's Republic : Average about 30 droideka kills in a single game, take out menacing AAT's, and droid pilots.
  18. Look at my Vehicle Info for all of the vehicles (In the Strategy forums). My favorite land vehicle would probably be the AT-ST for a good wide range of destruction. But for Air-Wise, I'm sticking with a Droid Starfighter or X-Wing.
  19. Xtermanator


    Darth Derkie, either it was an allie, or the enemies had layed down a mine and one of their allies walked over it.
  20. If you are still having problems, see my Walkthrough/FAQs Thread below
  21. Jedi Powers are going to be too great if they add force. If you get force push and enemies are at a choke point, you'll totally destroy reinforcments. Jedi are going to be a 'want' but a downfall. I just prefer the regular grunt.
  22. Here's probably the best way to win. Spawn at the Forward camp as a Storm and hop into an AT-ST. Ride towards the Rebel Outpost. Steal it and head for Command. Take that then head for Echo Base. After that, run towards the Dish Turret infront of the hangar. Pummel the Shield Generator. If you want, hit the kiddies in the trenches or the turrets on the right. Wait for the AT-AT's to assist you and then destroy it. While waiting you can continue to destroy it. I did it all by myself, allowing me to get camper.
  23. I know I missed some things. The Vanguards for Rebels can only shoot 2 at a time, not 2-3 :-) I know about the Concussions for turrets and such, I just wanted Vehicle and Unit info, not weapons. Also, the TIE Fighter isn't my favorite ride nor is the Droid Starfighter. The Jedi Starfighter and X-wing are really hard to hit as the TIE and Droid. And as for the Clone Pilot, you must have auto-aim on for it to home in. Yet again, I'm trying to focus on units and vehicles, not weapons. But still, thanks for the reply.
  24. The thing that projects the symbol of the faction that owns the CP.
  25. Want a good slaughter fest? Try the Kashyyyk docks as the Empire. Take a pier and stake out until the fight is over. Usually it'll be the last standing CP. Rebels will try and take you down going up the bridge. Usually an Imperial will be on the side of docks. So it's 2 v.s 58 :-) I've had better though. My highest amount of kills was about 126 or something on that level, defending that pier.
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