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  1. Well....actually here in Canada they already have the November issue of OXM with the SWBF2 demo in it....I saw it at Safeway....
  2. .....now I am a little more excited to play the game.....It's going to be fun......
  3. I buying because I liked the first one....me friend is also buying it too.
  4. I am pretty sure it is Battlefront since this site is generally on battlefront.
  5. master_skywalke...when will your video thing start working?
  6. I won't be able to see the newly updated tour thing.....I'm not allowed to use my computer at home....right now I am using the school computer....which I can not download anything
  7. Sorry I don't know of one.......I also have to wait for the PS2 demo in OPM.....only 10 days luckily.....
  8. When will everybody be able to see this? That's if you allow the public to see it.
  9. I like the way the Heavy Trooper looks...I think he looks better...that's my opinion.
  10. That was awesome...I finally got it downloaded .....could I use it on another public site?
  11. How do you download it? Like where do you go? What do I type in? megaupload.com....do you need to be a premium member?
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